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The Crystal Ballroom

List of Best Destination Wedding Spots

Destination weddings are increasingly gaining popularity across the world. Travel enthusiasts love to celebrate their big day at a place that offers a unique venue that will make their weddings more magical.

Searching for the perfect destination wedding just got easier with the Crystal Ballroom!

The Best Destination Wedding Spots

The global age has somewhat reduced distances and made it easier for us to book a hotel or a venue a thousand miles away from home, but sometimes, the destination is just around the corner. Whether you want to say your "I do's" in a lake house, on a romantic beach or in the old city of St. Augustine, Crystal Ballroom has the list of some of the best destination wedding spots.

On the Lake

This is the place where romantic moments and forever memories are made. You will be absolutely charmed by the enchanting Crystal Ballroom on Pearl Lake in Altamonte Springs. Whether it’s under the moonlit and starry night sky or it’s under the violet and rose rays of a setting sun, it’s on this cliff of a breathtaking view that you will write the love story of your special celebration. Whether outdoors or inside the grand ballroom, Crystal Ballroom in Altamonte Springs, Florida makes the list of best destination wedding spots.

Daytona Beach

Imagine your destination wedding in a three story mansion on Daytona Beach. Experience a red carpet entrance or make your entrance at the harbor in a chartered boat. Feel the ambiance of the timeless space carry you away as you walk your fairy tale. Adventure through the courtyard and envision the rows of chairs placed on the greenery and all of the possibilities in the arrangement. Walk the aisle lined with theme-inspired décor that leads to the floral arbor at which you’ll stand to cite your vows to your true love. Look back towards the dock and out over the harbor at the beautiful salt waters of Daytona Beach. Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor is another venue on the list of best destination wedding spots.

St. Augustine

Set just around the bend of World Golf Village in beautiful St. Augustine, this upscale wedding venue near Jacksonville is surrounded by green, lakes and resorts. Host your wedding in the elegant Crystal Ballroom, and honeymoon at the nearby golf resorts. Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine makes the list of best destination wedding spots.


This once movie theater has been transformed to feature any blockbuster themed wedding you desire to create. In-house professional designers and planners reproduce any fairy tale ripped from the big screens, from the castle of Cinderella to Belle's enchanted castle from Beauty and the Beast. Dance the waltz in Belle’s library as the walls are transformed by projections. No detail is spared, from every intricacy down to the sashes that wrap the chairs and up to the chandeliers that dangle from the castle's ceiling. Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry makes the list of best destination wedding spots.

More to Mention

There are so many Crystal Ballrooms to mention, and they all make the list. Each event venue possesses a unique ambiance within its breathtakingly beautiful space. Our designers are dedicated to bringing your magical event to life. With multiple locations and limitless themes, the possibilities are endless.

Masterful design, elegant décor and unparalleled service create the Crystal Ballroom experience. Be our guest and schedule a complimentary VIP tour to find your destination wedding spot.


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