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Tips for a Friday or Sunday Wedding

Saturday is one of the most sought-after days for hosting a wedding. Since it is sandwiched between Friday and Sunday, this day provides a buffer to guests who are coming to your wedding from another city. They can book a Friday flight, rest a little, attend the wedding, have fun at the after-party, and return back by Sunday evening.

However, a Saturday wedding has its drawbacks as well. Most venues remain booked for up to two years and don’t have any availability for Saturday weddings. With higher demand for a venue comes significantly higher prices. It is always better to plan your wedding thoughtfully and not draining your bank account on one function. Also, why should you wait for years to get married? With all things considered, it is better to go for a non-Saturday wedding.

Many people are now considering holding a wedding ceremony on either Friday or Sunday. If you want to know what’s the best way to organize a Friday or a Sunday wedding, consider the following suggestions by Crystal Ballroom.

Be Careful of Holiday Weekends

Labor Day or Memorial Day weekends are good options since a majority of people have off on Monday. However, flight rates and hotel prices soar to unimaginable heights. This will add an additional financial burden on your guests who are traveling in from different cities. Before choosing a date that coincides with such weekends, get rough estimates of the cost. Planning the wedding before or even after the holiday weekend is a good idea.

Inform Your Guests on Time

When it comes to a Friday or a Sunday wedding, there is a high probability that your RSVP's arrive with more "No's" than expected. Before you shut yourself in a room and cry over the fact that people do not want to take part in your celebrations, consider this: your guests are probably finding it difficult to get a day off from work. To ensure your guests’ availability, tell them in advance that you are planning a Friday wedding or a Sunday wedding so that they can apply for a leave as soon as possible.

The Timing

The timing factor is different for a Friday wedding or a Saturday wedding. While the former allows you to party hard until late night (since your Saturdays are off), you have to be a little bit careful with the timing of your celebrations if you are going with a Sunday wedding. Here, you can start your wedding ceremony early in the morning (as Sunday is a holiday) and allocate evening hours for the after-party.

Have Fun

Having a wedding on a non-conventional day doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun. With careful planning, you can make your celebrations grand. Hire your favorite band and serve fabulous cocktails. A Friday or a Sunday wedding gives you so much room to work on, besides saving you a ton of money.

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