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5 Tips for Planning a Wedding in Orlando, Florida

Dream of a wedding in Orlando, Florida? The entire wedding planning process can be tiring and frustrating. There are multiple details that can easily take the fun out of the planning process. Most of the frustrations that come from planning a wedding can be avoided by a few simple steps. We believe planning your wedding should be one of the most exciting journeys of your life. To remove stress from the equation, follow these five tips for planning a wedding in Orlando, Florida.

1. Pick your Theme

Long before the proposal, brides have daydreamed about the theme of their future wedding. It is perhaps one of the most important steps when planning your wedding, and requires a lot of thought, even if you have been dreaming it up for ages. Pick your theme, and allow your theme to make all the decisions about your wedding decor for you. The theme of a wedding is like the thesis sentence in an essay. Once you have a theme, the entire idea will develop, making the first step to planning a wedding in Orlando, Florida a cinch.

Orlando, Florida is home to imagination and whimsical venues like Disney themes, beach weddings, and Crystal Ballrooms. The Crystal Ballroom provides all-inclusive wedding venues with in-house designers to create any theme from the fancy of your imagination, including all the decor, fine china, floral arrangements, linens, chair sashes, runners, lighting and more. With wedding venues in the Orlando area and throughout Florida, the Crystal Ballroom takes the stress out of planning a wedding in Orlando, Florida.

2. Push for RSVP's

RSVP's are an important part of any wedding and wedding reception. The numbers will help you to make your final plans, and may help you with some specific rental numbers. Be sure to include an RSVP line on any invitation.

3. Set your Budget Early

A wedding can be an expensive affair. Setting your budget early in the planning process can help you to maintain realistic goals as you plan. Waiting too long to set a budget can result in overspending in areas, and then being forced to skimp on other important details of your wedding.

4. Stick to the Budget

It is important for you to actually stick to the budget that you have set. It is easy to go over budget as you get caught up in all of the different rentals and decorations needed for a wedding. A Crystal Ballroom wedding venue makes staying in budget easy, when all venues are all-inclusive with package pricing.

5. Include the Groom

Many brides will take control of the wedding planning process, while their grooms ignore the process altogether. It is important for the groom to be part of the overall wedding planning process. Your groom will have multiple opinions on the various aspects of your wedding. By getting them involved, you can be sure that they will feel a greater connection to the overall wedding and reception.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. The Crystal Ballroom offers multiple wedding venues throughout Florida, and in the Orlando area. Additionally, the Crystal Ballroom will travel off-site to any venue of your choice to design and decorate. Crystal Ballroom provides all-inclusive wedding venues that make planning a wedding in Orlando, Florida easy.

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