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Do's and Don’ts of a Beach Wedding

You are walking on the soft sand beneath the warmth of the sun. The cool and salty breeze brushes up against your face. You walk down the aisle to stand beside your soulmate. Waves play in the background like the sound of music, while you vow to your one true love. What a moment to imagine.

This romantic dream can be an absolute reality. Crystal Ballroom provides outdoor wedding packages to those that want to break away from traditional indoor weddings. For all those nature lovers, Crystal Ballroom has all the ideal wedding packages. We’ll also share some tips that will help you plan your beach wedding.

Tips for a Beach Wedding

Do Check Tide Levels

Using the ocean as a backdrop to your wedding can be a magical idea. But you have to be sure of the weather conditions, and plan your wedding accordingly. In the mid-summer, tides are generally high. So coordinate the time of your wedding the the tide in mind.

Don’t Wear High Heels

Consider flats in the sand. There are so many beautiful flats and sandals available that will not only make walking comfortable, but also complement your bridal gown. You should make your comfort a priority so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

Do Bring Speakers

Beaches are open spaces and are generally noisy. Even if you book a private beach for the event, the constant sound of the waves crashing will make your emotional vows inaudible to your guests. Brings speakers and set a sound system so that your guests can hear the vows you have worked so hard to write.

Don’t Rely On Weather

The most constant thing in life is uncertainty. While you are not in control of the weather, you can plan the arrangements thoughtfully. Always have a Plan B when you have an outdoor wedding on the cards.

Do Ensure Privacy

Most beaches are not private, and hence, insanely crowded during the vacation period. Choose a time when the beach is relatively less crowded.

Don’t Offer Heavy Food

Offer light refreshments to your guests. The beach is not a venue where you can go overboard with the food. Keep a container full of mint lemonade or ice water for your guests to enjoy while they wait for the ceremony to begin.

Pick a Good Time

If there is one thing that you need to get right is wedding photos. When it comes to beach wedding photos, lighting and time of day are very important. Close your ceremony 45 minutes to an hour before the sunset. This way you will be able to take jaw-dropping photos.

Design and Decor

Crystal Ballroom ensures that every beach wedding is on point. Whether held at a Crystal Ballroom beach-side venue or at another off-site location, Crystal Ballroom brings all the design and decor to every wedding venue. Elegance, decor, and service create the Crystal Ballroom experience.


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