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Wedding Vows: let your heart be the author

Why does every message to the soon-to-be-wed couple start with the iconic phrase, "this is going to be the most special day of your entire life"? Simply put, it's because it really is true.

Should your wedding vows be the standard "repeat after me"? When you get married, you vow eternal love to your partner. The act of exchanging vows is the centerpiece of the wedding ceremony. Therefore, your vows should truly reflect the distinct voice of your heart.

Crafting Your Wedding Vows

Your wedding vows don't need to be complex. Simple words can powerfully convey the depth of your love. The key to making them heartfelt is to let them come directly from within you. Let your heart be your guide—nothing communicates love more genuinely.

Consider placing a voice recorder on your table, hit record, and just start speaking about all the reasons you fell in love and the commitments you're prepared to make to keep that love thriving. This method allows you to freely express your emotions without the interruption of trying to write or type them down. Later, you can listen back to the recording and transcribe your vows. This way, you capture your true feelings in the moment.

Let Your Heart Be the Author

It's often said that expressing emotions in words can be more challenging for men, as women typically have a more intricate emotional wiring that enables them to articulate their feelings more easily. However, whether you're the bride or groom, you don't need the eloquence of Robert Frost or Shakespeare to express your love authentically. When it comes to conveying how you truly feel about your partner, allowing your heart to lead will produce the most sincere and touching words. By letting your heart be the author, you'll enchant everyone at the ceremony with some of the sweetest words ever spoken.


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