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Wedding Vows: let your heart be the author

Why is it that every wedding message given to the future bride and groom always begins with those famous wedding words, "this is going to be the most special day of your entire life"? It's because it's true.

Should our wedding vows be a generic "repeat after me"? On your wedding day, you pledge your undying love for your partner. Reciting wedding vows is the most significant part of the wedding ceremony. Your wedding vows should speak the unique voice of your heart.

Writing your Wedding Vows

Wedding vows do not need to be elaborate. A few simple words can speak a thousand about your true love. Making them intimate requires that it comes from the heart. So let your heart be the author. Nothing speaks the language of love better than your heart.

Place a voice recorder on the table, press record, and start speaking out loud all the reasons why you fell in love with your true love, and all the promises you are willing to make to keep that love alive. This will allow you to express your feelings without slowing down and tripping over the speed of your pencil or your typing skills. You can replay the audio recording and type it out later.

Let your Heart be the Author

It is true that men are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to expressing their feelings with words. Women are built with more complex wiring that is in tune with every emotion, and the ability to express all of them. Whether bride or groom, we can't always write words like Robert Frost and Shakespeare, but when it comes to telling your true love how you feel about them, you will write them better. Just let your heart be the author, and you will captivate everyone in the ceremony hall with the sweetest words ever spoken.

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