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Celebrating Sweet Sixteen

Celebrating a sweet sixteen is celebrating a little girl's transition to adulthood. Crystal Ballroom is aware of the importance of these special celebrations, and offers tailor-made packages in elegant ballrooms to make the moments unforgettable. If you are planning for a sweet 16 party for your princess, you should hand over all the responsibility to the Crystal Ballroom design team, and let us make her special moment magical.

To make things fun, here are a few entertainment ideas that will make her sweet sixteen memorable.

Lip Sync Contest

Take inspiration from the super popular Lip Sync Battle and get ready to give your best diva impressions. Draft a list of songs, new and old, and ask your guests to sing at least one. Ask a volunteer to pick the best performance.

How Well Do You Know

Prepare a list of 16 questions, and ask your guests to answer them all. The one with the most right wins.

Treasure Hunt

There cannot be a better game than a treasure hunt. Provide clues and hints to your guests and ask them to find precious presents hidden across the ballroom.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Get a candlestand (candelabra) that can hold 16 candles. Ask each of the special and closest people in your life to light a candle. Thank them for making a difference in your life and standing beside you through thick and thin.

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