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How To Choose Your Quince Courts

A Quinceañera celebration holds an important place in the heart of every Latina woman. All girls want to enjoy this event with their friends and family members. There are so many traditions associated with the celebration, but Quince courts take the cake.

Having your favorite people beside you while you celebrate your transition into womanhood is quite exciting. Choosing your Quince courts can be challenging. You have to check whether your friend or relative, whom you are choosing to be your court, is available on the date and is willing to take on the role that you are assigning them with.

There isn’t a unique solution for choosing Quince courts. But the Crystal Ballroom team has some tips to offer that will help you manage an important part of your event in a better manner.

1. The Number of Your Courts Doesn’t Matter

There is no fixed number of courts that you ought to have on your event. While many people go with 14 courts, you can even have only four. At the end of the day, it is you who have to decide on the number of courts that will accompany you.

2. Take Your Time

A Quinceañera celebration is an important event and you’d very much like to celebrate it without any drama. Take a deep breath and grab a notebook. List down the people you want to be beside you on your big day. Have a chat with your parents and ask them to recommend the people they think should escort you on your big day. Also, ask your folks about the number of courts they are comfortable with and try to reach a number which your family can agree on.

3. Go With People You Have a Strong Connection With

Choose family members you are close to. Your courts should share your level of excitement. Your parents may, however, ask you to include a family member you barely get along. While it is a family event and you don’t want to upset anyone, try to explain to your parents what points you are keeping in mind while choosing your courts. If your parents persist, you can give in. Try to control your emotions and patiently consider your suggestions. Don’t let the planning process consume you.

4. Keep an Open Mind

Your courts will comprise your family members and friends. Don’t worry too much if an argument breaks out among your courts. Managing so many people all at once is difficult and your courts may have a different opinion on dresses and other matters. Listen to everyone’s opinion and work out a solution that sets well with everyone.

5. Be Prepared to Hear a No

Some of your friends to whom you sent out an invitation to be your court may turn down your offer. Don’t mind it and let it go. Your friends may have their own reasons for turning down the offer. Tell them that you respect their decision and move on.

6. Decide On Who Pays What

Traditionally, it is your parents who have to pay for your courts’ dresses and tuxedos. However, you can work out any other arrangement that best suits your parents and your courts.


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