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The Crystal Ballroom

Getting Married in Florida

Considering tying the knot in Florida? Embrace the allure of the Sunshine State, a haven of romance with its stunning beaches, lush gardens, and ever-present sunshine. Florida's delightful climate, picturesque beaches, enchanting botanical gardens, and elegant ballrooms set the stage for either a whimsical outdoor ceremony or a refined indoor celebration, tailored to your imaginative theme. This guide to Florida weddings will lead you through everything from legal requirements and necessary steps to finding the ideal venue that aligns with your dream wedding vision, all while considering your budget.

Florida Marriage Requirements

If you're planning to get married in Florida, it's important to familiarize yourself with the state's specific marriage laws. In Florida, individuals must be at least 18 years old to marry, though 17-year-olds can marry if their partner is no more than two years older and they have written consent from both parents, duly notarized. No blood tests are required in Florida. There's a mandatory waiting period of three days, which can be waived if the couple completes an approved premarital course in Florida.

Securing a Marriage License in Florida

To legally marry in Florida, couples need to acquire a marriage license. This involves submitting an application to the judge or clerk of the circuit court. Some counties, like Orange County, offer the option to start the application process online. However, both individuals must appear in person at the courthouse to complete the process. Keep in mind that the license is valid for 60 days, so plan your application date accordingly, usually a few weeks before the wedding.

Officiating and Finalizing the Marriage in Florida

In Florida, marriages can be solemnized by various authorized individuals such as ordained ministers, elders of churches, judicial officers, clerks of circuit courts, and Florida notaries public. The couple must present their marriage license to the officiant before the ceremony. The officiant is then responsible for completing a certificate on the license and returning it to the issuing court office within 10 days after the wedding.

Choosing a Wedding Venue in Florida

Florida is a treasure trove of wedding venue options, catering to a range of preferences. Many couples are drawn to beachside ceremonies followed by receptions in nearby event halls. Venues often offer both indoor and outdoor options for ceremonies and receptions. While some couples choose Florida for its romantic honeymoon locales, they may opt for an indoor, elegant setting for the actual event. For a Florida wedding, an all-inclusive venue that can adapt to your dream wedding vision is an ideal choice.

Experiencing a Florida Wedding at Crystal Ballroom

Choosing an all-inclusive venue like the Crystal Ballroom for your Florida wedding could mean significant savings. These venues eliminate the need for an external wedding planner and costly decor or floral purchases. Crystal Ballroom offers a comprehensive package with an in-house design team and planners who meticulously curate every aspect of your wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. They provide everything needed, including tables, linens, décor, and fine china, ensuring your wedding party is exceptionally catered to. The 'rent a wedding' concept makes luxurious weddings accessible, blending both décor and location into a single, fairy tale-like package that respects your budget.

Imagine your wedding set in a venue that reflects the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles, complete with sparkling crystal chandeliers, or perhaps a romantic lake house perched on a scenic cliff, a majestic three-story mansion by the harbor, or even a charming beachfront setting.

Each Crystal Ballroom venue is distinct, designed to bring your imaginative wedding themes to life. Envision descending a grand, winding staircase reminiscent of an iconic Titanic love story, surrounded by architecture that seamlessly blends elements from Rome to Paris, from baroque elegance to modern chic. Every Crystal Ballroom is an embodiment of our fairy tales, ready to become the magical space for yours.

Opting for a Crystal Ballroom wedding venue is the first step in bringing your dream Florida wedding to life. We warmly welcome you to explore every aspect that will meticulously craft your event into a flawless celebration. Embrace the unique experience offered by the Crystal Ballroom, where all-inclusive elegance is unmatched. Allow us to dazzle you with our breathtaking settings. Join us to discover the pinnacle of event staging and design, where fairy tale moments are artfully created, leading to magical memories and beautiful beginnings of forever after.


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