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The Crystal Ballroom

Add Something Sweet to your Wedding Venue

Dessert Bar

It is time to choose a wedding venue and plan all of the details of your theme and décor for your fairy tale moment. Whether you choose a wedding venue based on location or a deeper meaning, the location for your nuptials must speak “sweet romance” or nothing at all. Make your wedding venue a little sweeter with a candy bar.

A Candy Bar in your Wedding Venue

If 100 guests made your VIP list, then a room with seating for 100 is a must. This narrows down your search for a wedding venue based upon square feet within the geographical region your heart is set upon. However, there is more to a wedding venue than the space. A wedding venue is the magical place you will vow to your true love and make forever memories. It must be filled with romance, elegance and flavor. Sweeten up your wedding venue with a candy bar at your reception.

Adding a candy bar to your reception is a little something extra that all of your guests will enjoy and remember forever. A buffet of decorative glass dishes, décor and lighting to match your theme and color palette create the perfect space for a candy bar to satisfy a sweeter palate. Each candy is individually wrapped in colored foil to match your chosen theme and décor in your wedding venue. You can choose to mix and match type and shape from a variety of chocolate truffles, caramel balls, M&M’s, peanut butter cups, chocolate gems, twisted lollipops, swirly lollipops, rock candy sticks, pillow mints, jewels, and more.

A Crystal Ballroom Wedding Venue

Staging a display of candy at the reception in your wedding venue adds a little sweetness to the occasion. The designers at Crystal Ballroom master the art of creating fairy tale weddings, and a candy bar with an exquisite collection of some of the tastiest treats, ornate glass bowls and crystal platters. A candy bar makes your wedding venue a little sweeter.

When dreaming up unforgettable moments in a picturesque wedding venue, dream up a fairy tale wedding at Crystal Ballroom with the sweet touch of a candy bar. Our dedicated in-house design team incorporates all the elements of your theme into your ceremony and reception, and creates an extra touch of sweetness with a candy bar to match. Crystal Ballroom masters the art of designing and staging every element of your event from ceremony to reception with extravagant chandeliers, elegant furnishings and décor, and fine tables fit for royals.

Masterful design, elegant décor and unparalleled service create the Crystal Ballroom experience. Consult with our designers, and pick and plan your magical moment, from the colors and fabrics to the flowers and centerpieces. And add a candy bar for a sweet reception in our wedding venue. Be our guest and schedule a Complimentary VIP Tour at Crystal Ballroom wedding venue today!


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