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Wedding Wishes

When you get married, there are going to be many who want to offer you wedding wishes for a happy and long marriage. Though there are common ways to do this, there are more unusual ways that you can allow them to do so. It will be up to you and your wedding party to decide what you want to do.

Most use the common guestbook, but that does not leave a lot of room for extra things. Usually this just contains the names and addresses of those who attended. Some guests want to say more.

They always get to leave you wedding wishes in the cards. However, you can’t really go home and hang a hundred different cards on your wall. Some guests like to buy large poster sized boards to have framed. They place a photo of the couple in the center, and have guests write their wedding wishes on the board. The couple can hang the finished and framed board in their home for years to come.

Leaving quilt squares out for guests to write messages on with marker is a unique way to receive wedding wishes. When the big day is over, the wedding wishes on the quilt squares can then be made into a quilt to give to the newlyweds. This quilt can be done in the wedding colors, which is a nice extra touch.

Any way wedding wishes are saved is always good. Though some are more fancy than others, there is something special about saving these words to look back on in the future. Even the simplest things will bring back the best memories.

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