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The Crystal Ballroom

Wedding Tuxedo

With so many choices with tuxedos, it can be a little confusing to choose the right one that suits you best. Choose a tuxedo that compliments your bride without taking all of the attention away from her special moment. At the same time, be creative and match the theme of your wedding. If it is a Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast theme, dress for the part.

Compliment the Bride

It is always a good rule to allow the bride to select her wedding dress before you begin shopping for a tuxedo. While the groom is never supposed to see the dress prior to the wedding, you can ask questions and get help from friends that have seen the dress to help you match the dress.

Traditional Tuxedo or Not

Most men aren’t fashion gurus. However, shopping for a tuxedo doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You are usually safe with a traditional tuxedo. You can always step outside of the box and shop on the extravagant side.

If it matches the overall theme and compliments your bride, be creative with your fashion and select a trendy tuxedo. You do not always have to be limited to black and white, unless the theme and bride say so.


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