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The Crystal Ballroom

Tips for Organizing a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a perfect match for those with a love for adventure and travel, presenting breathtaking vistas that conventional wedding locations simply can't match. To turn this unique opportunity into a seamless reality, thorough planning and meticulous attention to detail are key. The Crystal Ballroom is here to transform your destination wedding into an unforgettable dream.

Choosing Your Perfect Setting

Embarking on a destination wedding journey doesn't always require a long-distance trip. Often, the ideal spot for your special day might be nestled in a neighboring town. With Crystal Ballroom's array of venues across Florida, each offering its distinct charm and architectural style, your choices are plentiful. Whether it's a graceful beachfront wedding in a majestic three-story mansion, the refined elegance of Orlando, or the grandeur near the bay, there's a venue to suit your dream. Our locations span from South Florida to the historic ambiance of St. Augustine, ensuring a memorable destination wedding venue is within your reach.

What Does the Package Include?

Organizing a wedding from afar can be a challenging task, especially when it's not in your local area. Visiting your prospective destination wedding venues in person for a tour is a crucial step. Opt for a venue that offers comprehensive all-inclusive packages. This way, you'll just need to collaborate with their in-house designer and then simply arrive to celebrate your big day.

At Crystal Ballroom, our venues are designed to provide an all-inclusive experience, complete with all necessary furnishings, decorations, and fine china to make your day truly special. Even if you decide on an external location, our Crystal Ballroom designers are equipped to bring your wedding vision to life at any destination you choose.


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