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Tips for Organizing a Destination Wedding

For adventure-seekers and enthusiastic travelers, destination weddings offer unbeatable views that traditional wedding venues can’t. However, this once-in-a-lifetime experience needs proper planning and attention to detail. The Crystal Ballroom can make your destination wedding an absolute dream.

Decide on Your Venue

A destination wedding doesn't mean you have to travel far to have your ceremony. Sometimes the perfect destination is in just the next town over. Crystal Ballroom venues are located throughout Florida, each with their own unique location and architectural flavor. You can choose an elegant beach-side wedding in a three story mansion, the sophisticated charm in Orlando, or travel over to the bay to experience a little grandeur. From South Florida all the way to the old city of St. Augustine, you can find the perfect destination wedding venue.

What's Included?

If you are planning a wedding that isn't close to home, it can be difficult to make all the arrangements from a distance. It is important to travel to the potential destination wedding venues for a tour. Look for a destination wedding venue with all-inclusive packages so all you have to do is meet with their in-house designer and show up on your wedding day.

Crystal Ballroom venues are all-inclusive, providing all the furnishing, decor and fine china for your special day. If you choose an off-site venue, Crystal Ballroom designers can create your wedding at any destination you choose.

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