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The Crystal Ballroom

Star Wars Wedding and Honeymoon

Searching for a destination wedding in a galaxy far, far away? Jump to hyperspace to create your Star Wars wedding at Crystal Ballroom, and honeymoon at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disney. Bring your imagination to the professional design team at one of the many Crystal Ballroom wedding venues, where the ballroom transforms into the unique design of your Star Wars adventure. If you are a die hard Star Wars fan and searching for a little inspiration, enjoy these fun ideas for your wedding and honeymoon to match.

Star Wars Wedding with Storm Troopers

If you are planning a Star Wars wedding, you might have a few storm troopers show up to take over the galaxy. Storm troopers could make an appearance at your reception for entertainment and photographs. Have your groomsmen in costume to march down the aisle and take position next to the groom for the complete Star Wars experience.

Star Wars Wedding Photo Booth

Take the memory of your Star Wars wedding to the farthest galaxy with special effects. Whether the light side or the dark side, saber fight on a starship during your backdrop photo op experience. Photography will capture your Star Wars wedding for all eternity.

Star Wars Wedding Reception

Consider serving Jawa Juice during your Star Wars wedding cocktail hour. You probably won't be making it with bantha hides mashed with fermented grains. Ask your bartender to get creative with a recipe. Place a label card on the bar or platter so your guests will know what they are tasting. Serve up a side of five blossom bread and space fruit from the planet of Naboo for a galactic dining experience.

Star Wars Wedding Music

A Star Wars wedding theme comes to life with the soundtrack. Take your Star Wars experience from ceremony to reception with music from the 1977 release. Have Chewbacca or Darth Vadar deejay, and consider playing some of these titles:

  • "Main Title"

  • "Imperial Attack"

  • "Princess Leia's Theme"

  • "The Desert and the Robot Auction"

  • "Ben's Death and TIE Fighter Attack"

  • "The Little People Work"

  • "Rescue of the Princess"

  • "Inner City"

  • "Cantina Band"

  • "The Land of the Sandpeople"

  • "Mouse Robot and Blasting Off"

  • "The Return Home"

  • "The Walls Converge"

  • "The Princess Appears"

  • "The Last Battle"

  • "The Throne Room and End Title"

Star Wars Wedding Exit

Your wedding exit is the long awaited moment when family and friends will see you off in a farewell line as a married couple. Traditions have included everything from the release of doves to tossing rice. A wedding exit is the perfect opportunity to convey the Star Wars wedding theme. Have your guests stand with the Jedi Order and form a saber arch for your grand exit.

Star Wars Honeymoon

Host your wedding at a Crystal Ballroom wedding venue, and honeymoon at the nearby Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Disney. Create your epic Star Wars adventure with a honeymoon stay at the Star Wars themed luxury resort, which is scheduled to open in 2021. Take flight on the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Star Wars Wedding at Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom wedding venues makes dream weddings affordable. If you're low on Republic Credits, take advantage of the all-inclusive wedding concept that enables couples to save thousands on their wedding day. This leaves more to spend on other elements of the dream wedding and honeymoon. The professional designers at Crystal Ballroom wedding venues design and create your wedding from ceremony to reception.

May the force be with you.


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