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Small Wedding Receptions: 5 Tips to Consider

Small wedding receptions should still be as memorable and interesting as regular wedding receptions. It can be easy to slack on small wedding receptions, however, as most choose a small reception as a way to save money. These five tips will help to ensure that your wedding reception is still memorable while keeping a small size and small budget.

Treat It Like a Large Reception

If you are planning a small wedding reception, you do not want it to be lackluster. You want to make sure that your wedding reception has the look and feel of a large and elegant wedding reception. Plan your wedding reception as if you are planning for this large wedding reception. This will help to ensure that your reception is enjoyable and memorable.

Avoid the Seating Arrangement

Seating arrangements are awkward, and can be made even more awkward by a small wedding reception. More and more couples are avoiding these seating arrangements and allowing their guests to sit where they please. You should consider this for your reception.

If you are planning on a seating arrangement, you need to plan for your guests. Consider smaller tables for smaller wedding receptions. This will allow you to separate those who may not get along well.

Consider Horse d’oeuvres

If you are hosting a small wedding reception, you may want to consider horse d’oeuvres over a regular meal. Horse d’oeuvres are perfect for those who want to provide food, but do not want to plan for RSVPs. Horse d’oeuvres will often cost less than full catering as well.

Don’t Skimp on Details

The details are the most important part of any wedding reception. You need to make sure that you are paying attention to all of the small details of a usual wedding reception. Plan the decorations and table settings as if they were for a large reception. Planning for a grand reception will help you to keep a small reception more memorable and interesting.

Still Hand Out Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an important part of any wedding. If you want to make sure that your small wedding reception is remembered, consider handing out favors. The wedding favors will be less expensive because of the guest count at your wedding reception. You may choose to spend more per favor or to save the money for other reception uses.

The trick to a small wedding reception is to treat it like a large reception while still keeping your budget in mind. This will help to give your reception the air of importance that it deserves.

You should realize that planning is still necessary for a small wedding reception. Small wedding receptions that do not have the necessary amount of planning seem empty and monotonous. Use serious planning, even with a small budget, to ensure that your small wedding reception is still important and memorable.


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