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The Crystal Ballroom

Safety at Your Wedding Venue

In the midst of a COVID-19 reality, every Crystal Ballroom wedding venue is taking extraordinary measures to provide a safe environment for your special day. While planning your wedding in today’s climate is likely to strike up some concerns, it is important for couples and guests to feel safe during the wedding planning process, and to understand the safety measures and precautions taken by your wedding venue. Crystal Ballroom designs a ballroom from fantasy while taking your safety seriously with COVID-19 measures, so all you need to think about is the magical day that awaits you.

Management and staff participate in ongoing in-service training and education to maintain compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines and regulations. Every Crystal Ballroom wedding venue takes specific measures to promote health and safety at all times. To accomplish our safety goals, we take regular health assessments and checks of our employees, staff and vendors through interviews to assess risks and temperature checks. We take the temperature of every guest before entry to the wedding venue. We sanitize and wipe down all surfaces before and after every event. All staff and vendors wear masks and gloves during your event. Your wedding venue works above and beyond to ensure the safety of your magical day.

Cleaning Procedures at Your Wedding Venue

Every Crystal Ballroom wedding venue uses an approved and licensed cleaning service that specializes in the use of products and sanitation equipment to specifically target COVID-19. The professional team is uniquely trained to disinfect the wedding venue according to Center for Disease Control protocols. The specific experience with biological contaminants goes beyond the scope of a regular janitorial service, providing a safe environment you can trust. All surfaces, porous and non-porous, as well as high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, fixtures, switches, tables, chairs, and restrooms are sanitized according to CDC’s guidelines. EPA-approved disinfectants for emerging pathogens are used to keep our guests safe.

Guest Recommendations at Your Wedding Venue

While it is not required, Crystal Ballroom strongly suggests that all guests wear a face mask during events when distancing cannot be observed. We recommend social distancing by remaining a minimum of six feet from other guests that are not in your family household. We recommend that our guests practice good hygiene during events by frequently washing their hands. If any guests feel ill, have or have had temperature within the past 72 hours, have a cough or have been exposed to anyone that has experienced any of these symptoms in the last seven days, we encourage couples to advise their guests to observe the event remotely by video stream.

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Venue

Each Crystal Ballroom is a unique wedding venue that allows couples to customize every detail of the fairy tale at the in-house design studio. Couples have access to professional designers to personalize designs and theme. Every wedding package includes a meeting with a professional designer to handpick designs and decor. Crystal Ballroom creates your dream wedding from ceremony to reception to make every magical moment unique. Walk the aisle in a dream wedding venue that is designed by your imagination and the talents of the in-house design team.


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