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Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower, and wondering where to start? When the storks are flying over the rooftops, the countdown to prepare for the bundle of joy begins, and we spiral into a scavenger hunt for ideas and help. This simple guide should make planning for the occasion a stress-free and memorable journey.

Who Hosts a Baby Shower?

As with every event worthy of celebration, we must decide who will host the party. While multiple people can join together to plan the event, usually the mother, mother-in-law or sister throw the party. It is not uncommon for a small group of family and close friends to join together in planning a baby shower. If we are dreaming up an extravagant event to make a truly memorable and magical day, sharing the cost with a group can be the ideal solution.

Creating a Guest List when Planning a Baby Shower

Creating a guest list is the first step to planning a baby shower. We need to have an idea of how many people will be in attendance, before selecting a baby shower venue. Once upon a time, baby showers were only for women. Times have changed, and so have the rules for baby showers. Women and men can equally participate in the festivities and celebrate the coming of the precious bundle of joy together.

Every event begins with a rough guest list to establish an approximate number of attendees, but it is usually best to consult with the mother-to-be before filling out the invitations. Begin creating a guest list with the most inner circle of family and close friends, and work outwards to include other friends and co-workers. Make sure to invite the father-to-be, and his close friends and family too. The mother-to-be might add a few names to the list; therefore, leaving space for a few extra guests is a good idea. Keep in mind, the mother-to-be might want to exclude some names from the list. If a surprise party is in the making, having a best or close friend on board is essential to planning a baby shower.

Selecting a Venue when Planning a Baby Shower

Once you have a headcount, selecting a baby shower venue to accommodate that number is the next step. When planning a baby shower, do not select a venue based solely on the size of the room. Make sure to consider the ambiance of the room, the geographic location of the venue, the significance the location holds, and whether the venue is accommodating beyond the room.

Think about the location. We want a location that will be easily accessible to the mother-to-be, and conveniently located for all. Selecting a radius on a map is a good way to start narrowing down the search. Also consider, we want the location to hold some meaning. This is where the mother-to-be will be showered with gifts among friends in a celebration of one of the most momentous occasions of her entire life. The location must speak “unforgettable” or nothing at all.

If 100 guests made the list, then a room with seating for 100 is a must. This narrows down your search for a baby shower venue based upon square feet, found within the geographical region of choice, and at a breathtakingly awe-inspiring location. However, there is more to a venue than space and awe.

When planning a baby shower, it is important to find a venue that is all-inclusive and can provide vendor connections. For example, a venue that has tables, chairs, linens, fine china, centerpieces and all the décor to match theme, makes putting the event together a simple process. Also, find a venue that has an in-house designer with sufficient inventory of linens, table runners and chair sashes in a variety of colors and fabrics to create the unique setting you envision. It is also essential to choose a baby shower venue with a day of event coordinator and vendor connections to complete the event, such as a caterer, cake designer, DJ, photographer and makeup artist. Each and every all-inclusive Crystal Ballroom venue possesses a unique ambiance in a picturesque setting, with elegant décor, an in-house design team and vendor connections to make planning a baby shower a simple process.

Planning a Baby Shower Gift Registry

When planning a baby shower, the gift registry should be created early, and completed before the invitations are sent. A baby shower gift registry is the best way to ensure the parents-to-be receive the gifts they need, without duplicate items from three different cousins to return in a never ending line tomorrow. The parents-to-be can create a gift registry at the store of their choice, either online or by visiting a physical store location.

It can be a good practice to have a couple different gift registries at different stores. Be careful not to have duplicate items on more than one gift registry to avoid duplicate gifts. Consider choosing gifts in different price ranges to meet the gift-giving ability of every guest. Not everyone will be able to give equally.

Celebrate motherhood and the coming of the bundle of joy in an elegant Crystal Ballroom event venue. Make precious and unforgettable moments you will cherish forever in one of our multiple venues. Bring your imagination and your special occasion to this enchanting space, and we will create your fairy tale moment.

Masterful design, elegant décor and unparalleled service create the Crystal Ballroom experience. Be our guest and schedule a complimentary VIP tour at any of our venues today!


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