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Note To Self – Creating A Wedding Time Capsule

An increasingly popular wedding trend is adding a time capsule to the wedding prep proceedings. Yes, the wedding time capsule is a growing trend.

In kit form, your wedding time capsule takes the form of an attractive tin, but it can also be a basket, decorated box or small treasure chest in which you place various photos, videos, keepsakes and even little notes with predictions for the future. After you fill it with memories, you seal it all up with some festive stickers or ribbons to discourage premature peeking. You decide in advance how long you will wait to open your time capsule again. Whether it is your 10th anniversary or 25th, make sure you keep to the agreement.

Although most people equate “time capsule” with something you bury in the ground, burying your wedding time capsule isn’t a great idea. Not only does that subject the contents to extreme temperature variations, but you would not want to keep digging up your time capsule each time you move or risk leaving it behind. Instead, keep yours out of the elements and somewhere relatively kind. Avoid damp attics. A climate-controlled closet would work well. You might consider placing it on display in your home, if you can resist the temptation to open it.

A great way to create a unique wedding time capsule is to get close friends and relatives in on the fun. There isn't a better way than to host a time capsule party. Take advantage of a pre-wedding party to snap photos and tuck them in a capsule. Have them scribble up some predictions and messages to the future bride and groom. They can guess how many children you’ll have, what kind of household robots you’ll have, how many career changes you will go through, and all the places you will live.

You can ask your wedding party and close friends to compose short letters to you. Give them each envelopes, and instruct them to write on the envelope when it is time to open it, such as your fifth wedding anniversary or at the birth of a child.

A Crystal Ballroom venue is the perfect place to host your wedding time capsule party. Entertain, wine and dine your guests while creating unforgettable moments in your time capsule. Be creative, and whatever you do, make memories to keep forever.


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