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Ideas for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Children of all ages love to have a birthday party. All children anxiously wait for their special day. For parents, planning a birthday party can be a challenge. This is because kids are picky and want everything done their way. You can’t really argue with them, because at the end of the day, you have to organize a party which is enjoyed by children.

Make their birthday celebration an event to remember. You can throw your child an awesome birthday party without drilling holes in your pocket. If you host your birthday celebration at Crystal Ballroom venue, we can help you organize a party that is fun, entertaining and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

5 Tips for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Tried-and-tested tips that can help you organize a terrific birthday party for your child:

1. Choose a Theme

Almost all events are theme-based. The theme is inspired by the latest trends, TV shows or movies. Children like superheroes and Disney princesses, and they choose a theme that best describes their interests. With children between the ages of three and five, you can choose whatever theme you like. Until this age, children don’t have any major preferences (some might be picky). When you are deciding on a theme for a child between six and eight, ask them what they like, and let them pick the theme. If there is a particular character that your child likes or a show they absolutely love, then plan the party accordingly. Once a theme is finalized, planning the rest of the event is a piece of cake.

2. Decide on the Cake

The most important part of celebrations is cutting the cake. In the past, children were happy to cut a rectangular sheet cake with icing. But today, they are not too interested in keeping things simple. Now, everything at the party, from decor to food items, have to be the reflection of your child’s interests. Therefore, you have to pay more attention when it comes to selecting the right cake. Make sure you order a cake that reflects the party’s theme. For example, if your child loves Batman, order a cake that has a Batman logo on it.

3. Consider Sending E-Invites

Printing invitations on paper is so behind the times. Even if you decide to craft invitation letters by yourself, your hard work is going to go down the drain. This is the age of the internet. Send an e-invite to your guests and save the stationery cost and the trees.

4. Work Out the Time

It's all about the timing. Children do not like to sit and chat. They keep themselves busy with activities that keep them running. Choose a time slot when children are most active. The best time to schedule a child's birthday party is between 3 pm and 5 pm. A two hour party is just the right amount of celebration.

5. Prepare Goody Bags

To thank your guests for coming to the party, give them a beautiful goody bag. You can make ‘thank you’ cards at home and add some baked cookies inside. Get an instant camera and click a picture of the guests with your child. Give the picture to the guest so that they can keep it with them for as long as they want.


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