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How to Write Perfect Wedding Vows

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking for tips to write vows for your wedding day. First thing is first -congratulations! We hope that you have a wonderful beginning to this most important chapter of your life.

Before you stress over writing the perfect words, know that we, the Crystal Ballroom team, are here to help. Here are some tips that will help you write the perfect wedding vows for your wedding ceremony.

Tap into your Heart

Reading the vows of others will just take you farther from the project at hand. Instead of learning about how someone else feels about their true love, spend time alone to reflect on how you feel about yours. You are marrying the person that you love most. Give yourself time to process your feelings and ponder deeply over why. The task of writing vows can get pushed aside while we are busy with the excitement and stress of planning the wedding. As the countdown begins and we get closer to that moment, we find ourselves nervous and lost for words. Taking the much needed time alone to think about your feelings is the first step to writing the perfect wedding vows.

Write a Draft

Now that you have put a little heart in it, you are ready to write a draft. You don’t have to nail your wedding vows on your first try. Begin by writing a rough draft about what this person means to you. How did they steal your heart? When was that first moment that you just knew. What is so special about this person that you cannot imagine spending a single day of your life without them in it? Write down that memorable story of how it all began. Practice free writing your ideas to get them from your heart to the paper. You’ll have time to edit later. But, if you are truly writing from your heart, you might nail those wedding vows on your first try.

Write the Perfect Wedding Vows

Here is where you put it all together and let the love flow into all the promises you are almost desperate to make. However you decide to make it, make it romantic, make it funny, make it magical, and make it mean something.


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