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How to Make Wedding Cakes: 4 Tips for Making the Best Wedding Cake

Prior to making your first wedding cake, take the time to do your research. Before you even seek out design or consider flavor, take the time to research your project. Baking a wedding cake is a little different than baking a regular homemade cake. It requires a proper foundation, wooden rods for support, insulated cake pans for baking, a serrated knife for leveling each layer of the cake, and a knack for sculpting. The more layers and more elaborate your cake becomes, the more supports and the more important that it is absolutely level. A small error with leveling and supports can create the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

1. Research and Practice

Before beginning, try to take classes from local professionals. Watch videos, and use the Internet as a tool to find tips and ideas from professional bakers. Practice baking, and leveling and decorating small cakes. Practice working with fondant, icing and draping a cake, and cutting out decorations. With knowledge and practice, you will be on your way to creating a beautiful wedding cake.

2. Strong Foundation

The success of your wedding cake depends on a strong foundation. If you are building a cake, you need to make sure that your foundation, and the supports for that foundation are strong. Be sure to look at the weight limitations for your foundations and supports. Make a general guess as to the weight of your cake. If you feel as though you need more support, do not hesitate to use them. This is one aspect of the cake that you do not want to skimp on, as it may cause the cake to fall apart on your wedding day.

2. Cake Tasting

As you practice baking, putting the cake layers together, and decorating, you will have an opportunity to experiment and taste different cake recipes. Serving a pretty cake that does not taste good is not the memory you want to share with your guests. Make multiple test batches with different flavors, fillings, and combinations of icing and fondant. Use these batches as your own personal cake testing along the way, you are sure to find the best flavor for your wedding cake.

4. Choose your Design

While choosing your design is placed in this order on the page, you have probably been flipping through magazines and surfing the net for months before your wedding in search of the perfect themed cake. Wedding cakes are often the centerpiece of the entire wedding and can be central to the wedding theme. This is where you want to make the final decision about your cake design. You need to choose your design before you begin to purchase materials for your cake. Your design will seriously dictate your needs.

Presentation is everything, and so is how you display your wedding cake on your special day. Ask your Crystal Ballroom venue about elegant cake displays beneath a beautiful round organza canopy with a stunning crystal chandelier.


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