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Fall Weddings

It seems like autumn is becoming the new spring when it comes to weddings.

If you prefer the cool and pleasant autumn months over the warm and sunny summer ones, you may consider planning your wedding in the fall. October is slowly gaining popularity, as it brings great food and good weather.

Fall into love this fall with a picturesque wedding at a Crystal Ballroom.


Avoid the unpredictable summer weather, and fall into the more predictable autumn months. Less rainy weather and moderate temperatures welcome outdoor wedding ceremonies.

The Finest Color Palette

Color is important for every wedding. The colors associated with this season are shades of brown and orange mixed with shades of gold, yellow, and cream. Have fun around this rich color palette and decide the rest accordingly.

Your Hair Looks Perfect

How can we forget about the hair? Summer humidity is the worst enemy of our hair. If you are planning a Fall wedding, your hair will love you.

We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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