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Entertaining Wedding Games

Who says that a wedding cannot be fun? After your “I do's,” and your first dance, you can spice your wedding reception up with a little fun. A wedding is an event that brings almost all of your friends and family together. Rare are the occasions where you bring them all beneath the same roof, so make it fun.

Couples don’t normally think about having fun games at their wedding receptions. But let’s not dedicate your event to countless selfies and awkward silence. Plan with the Crystal Ballroom, and we will help you keep them entertained.

Fun Games For Your Wedding Reception

Here are some entertaining wedding games to play at your wedding reception.

Shoe Game

This is one of the most fun games, and it is very simple. The bride and the groom take back-to-back seats. The groom holds one of his shoes, and one of the bride’s. The bride does the same, holding one of her shoes and one of his. The guests ask fun questions like who said ‘I love you’ first or "who is bad at cooking," and the couple has to reply by holding up the shoe that goes with the answer. For example, the groom can hold up the bride’s shoe, if asked who is prone to anger. While your guests don’t play it directly, they can ask interesting questions and see how well the couple knows each other.

Word Search

The same game that you used to play as a child can become more fun if you add the right elements to it. Customize a word search board, add fun words, and ask your guests to circle them. You can make it a little bit more interesting by adding clues for the word. You can even go creative by adding words that describe the place where you had your first date or the first gift that you bought for your partner. See how well your friends know you.

Board Game Station

So you don’t have to force everyone to take part in games. You can allow people to enjoy the wedding in the traditional way. For those who want to play games, set a board game station. Ask people to gather those who are willing to take a break from dancing and play a fun game.

I Spy Wedding Game

A fun game that will keep your guests on their toes. In this game, guests get to use their cameras to snap pictures of different moments. These pictures can be of a funny face, a group selfie, a tasty treat, a person laughing, or a sparkling drink. This will be a good way to store as many memories from the event as you can.


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