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The Crystal Ballroom

Disney-Themed Wedding

Bring magic to your fairy tale wedding with a Disney-themed wedding.

Imagine yourself wearing a dazzling, floor-length, silk gown like the one that Cinderella wore to the ball. At your doorstep, a horse-drawn Cinderella-style carriage awaits you. It takes you to the venue which is vibrantly decorated from ceiling to the floor. If you want to have a fairy tale wedding at a venue with breathtaking décor, Crystal Ballroom is at your service.

Disney-Themed Wedding

Beauty and the Beast

Be it a ‘Belle’-esque ballroom or a Frozen-inspired wedding, Crystal Ballroom’s premium venues will make your happily ever after even more magical. If you want to have the first dance with your soulmate in the classic Beauty and the Beast ballroom dance, we can recreate your magical dreams and turn them into reality.

Alice in Wonderland

Dreaming up Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland? If you want a wedding that emulates the romance of Disney’s animated classics, the Crystal Ballroom is here to make your dreams come true. As Cheshire Cat would say, it doesn’t matter which ‘theme’ you choose, as long as you’re heart is in it.

Disney-Themed Wedding

Mad Hatter at a Disney-Themed Wedding

Don’t follow the usual décor for receptions. Instead, try something different. Have a Mad Hatter style tea party for your reception. Keep small glass bottles with ‘Drink Me’ labels on them, as a nod to Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale. Your guests will certainly enjoy that added whimsical touch.

Invitations for a Disney-Themed Wedding

Invite your wedding guests to be “part of your world”. Design your wedding invites in the shape of a seashell, making it clear to attendees that they are being invited to a regal affair. Write the date on small pearl-like balls to add more beauty to the invite.

Disney-Themed Wedding Cakes

There are many options that you choose from when it comes to Disney-themed wedding cakes. You can create a Cinderella-themed cake with a crystal shoe atop. You can also make beautiful shell-shaped butter cookies. You can even pay homage to the First Couple of Disney, Mickey and Minnie, by having their fondant figures as toppers. Everybody who grew up on Disney cartoons already loves the pair, so the sight of the toppers will definitely bring a lot of love to your celebrations.

Music for Your Theme

No happy occasion is complete without music. Have your first dance to a classic Disney love ballad like “Can You Feel Love Tonight." Follow it up with other Disney tracks, and make your event memorable for everyone.

Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom

Bring imagination and recreate your Disney-themed wedding with the master designers and planners at a Crystal Ballroom wedding venue. Crystal Ballroom designs your fairy tale from ceremony to reception. Plan your magical moments in a ballroom designed just for you.


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