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Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

On a bent knee and with a small decorated box in hand, nervous lips began to ask the question that was practiced in the mirror since a week before last Wednesday. Then the box slowly opened on a squeaky hinge to complete the sentence and reveal one perfect ring chosen from a hundred engagement rings. So much planning goes into that special moment where everything must be absolutely perfect, including the ring. What makes an engagement ring perfect?

What is perfect is all relative, and so is the beauty of engagement rings. If you are going to marry this special person, you must discover what is perfect for them. Your significant other is guaranteed to have an idea of their style when it comes to jewelry, and has most likely been designing their engagement ring in the thoughts of their imagination for quite a while. Not everyone wants a diamond; however, a diamond is the most common stone when it comes to engagement rings. When shopping diamond engagement rings, there are 4 C’s to consider.

Engagement Rings

Cut of Engagement Rings

When it comes to the cut of engagement rings, it’s all about the light. The cut of the diamond is the most important and most complicated part of diamond engagement rings. If you look at a diamond beneath the light, you will notice facets. The cut of the diamond affects the way light reflects and interacts with the facets. There are three characteristics that define the cut.


The brilliance of the diamond represents the reflection of white light upon hitting the facets. There is a contrast between white light and shadows. If higher contrast between the light and shadows is present, it equates to a greater brilliance. The high contrast is a desirable characteristic. The higher the contrast, the better the cut of the diamond.


When we play with diamond engagement rings beneath light, we notice that the interior of the diamonds reflect colors like a prism. This phenomenon is created by scattering white light. The refraction of the light is referred to as fire.

Light should pass through the crown after striking each pavilion, creating the fire. A shallow cut will produce a low angle exit of light through the bottom of the diamond, compromising the brilliance. This makes a diamond appear dark. When purchasing diamond engagement rings, cut is a very important factor to consider.


Diamonds sparkle. The ability to proportionately produce a pattern of light and contrast by reflecting the light in its sparkle determines the grade of the cut. Scintillation is the flash of light or sparkle produced when light travels through a transparent object. Symmetry of 58 facets on a diamond is considered ideal.

Color of Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to the color of engagement rings, it’s all about the absence of it. Just as with anything, if it is a rarity, it is more expensive. Color can range from icy white colorless to light yellow. Colorless diamond engagement rings are the most rare, making them the most expensive. Yellow is the most common, and the least expensive.

Clarity of Diamond Engagement Rings

The Clarity of a diamond refers to tiny markings on the stone. As with all things, we want them to be flawless. When it comes to diamond engagement rings, there is no exception. A flawless diamond is the most rare, and the most expensive. In contrast, the greater the number of flaws, the less expensive.

Carat Weight

Each carat is divided into 100 points. Size is often believed to be the most important characteristic. This fallacy is what creates the impulse to buy the biggest diamond we can afford. However, all factors, the cut, color, clarity and carat weight must be given equal importance.

The perfect engagement ring is just the beginning of your happily ever after story. If you need help along your journey to finding the perfect engagement ring, the Crystal Ballroom's preferred vendors can help you find the perfect ring for the perfect proposal, while the Crystal Ballroom can help you plan everything else. The designers at Crystal Ballroom are the finest in the art of designing and creating fairy tale weddings. Contact Crystal Ballroom to speak to a professional designer!


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