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The Crystal Ballroom

Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

Creating a well-crafted food experience all comes down to the choices you make about your wedding caterer. We all want to create the ultimate dining experience for guests on our wedding day, but creating the ultimate relies on our budget and our food choices. Knowing your options and having connections can help you make all the right choices about your wedding caterer.

Wedding Caterer and Food Manager

Most couples assume they need a wedding caterer with food plating and full service to cover their reception. This is not always the case. Hiring a good caterer is important, but having them staff the event is not. A food manager at your wedding venue can work with your wedding caterer and carry out very specific and important tasks above and beyond catering to ensure a successful dining experience.

A food manager allows couples the opportunity to drop off their cuisine for a buffet-style event. Food managers manage the food and provide portion control. Banquet staff and room attendants can service your event as part of an all-inclusive wedding venue. Food drop options also allow couples the opportunity to choose their favorite restaurant as a wedding caterer or a family chef instead.

Food Choices with a Wedding Caterer

Food choices are important choices for your wedding day. Know the menu and your options with a wedding caterer. Food tasting during open house events at wedding venues is an opportunity to efficiently meet with a variety of caterers, taste a variety of foods and discover your options under one roof. Think about your theme and your guests. West African cuisine is becoming a popular trend. You might consider a global fusion on a multicultural menu to include everything from New Orleans to India. You will also need to make choices about plant-based options for special diets. Keep your dining experience unique and choose your wedding caterer carefully.

Wedding Caterer and Your Wedding Venue

Some of the important decisions about your wedding caterer can be made with your wedding venue. Many couples might assume it is a simple solution to host their wedding at a venue that also serves food; however, having your menu options limited can negatively affect the dining experience. A wedding venue with an open vendor policy that allows couples the option to choose an outside wedding caterer can provide more freedom with your cuisine.

Wedding Caterer at Crystal Ballroom

Bring your magical day to one of the unique Crystal Ballroom wedding venues and meet with our preferred wedding caterers. Create your dining experience, and let us create the rest. Crystal Ballroom wedding venues stage every element of your event from ceremony to reception. You will dine in absolute elegance with unparalleled service and customized designs. Consult with our designers, and pick and plan your magical moment, from the colors and fabrics to the flowers and centerpieces. Plan your wedding at a Crystal Ballroom wedding venue, and make your wedding day everything it should be.

Crystal Ballroom wedding venues offer food manager services in addition to the all-inclusive wedding venue packages to ensure a coordinated and successful reception. The collaboration between vendors and Crystal Ballroom makes creating the wedding of your dreams effortless. Work with our in-house designers, planners, food managers, and connect with our wedding caterers to plan every detail of your perfect moment.


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