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Best Man Speech

You’re the best man! Now what? You have just been cast in one of the biggest parts of your friend’s life. Your role will require you to provide support, be part of events, plan parties for the groom-to-be, and give a heartfelt best man speech during what will be one of the most momentous occasions of his entire life. A speech of such importance that will be forever held in your friend’s heart requires some thought and strategy.

Strategy for a Best Man Speech

In all the greatest movies, that best man sloughs off a hangover, gets the groom to the altar and gives a best man speech straight from the heart without forethought. And of course, it always sounds Grammy worthy. For most, the best man speech isn’t something just said in the moment. Having a strategy or outline for your speech can be essential.

The best man speech can be broken down into parts. Your introduction will steal the floor and grab the attention of everyone in the room. You will create some background for your best man speech by talking about your relationship with the groom in a way that adds an emotional appeal. Bring the body of the speech to the moment and the chosen bride. Create closure by giving thanks for the honor.

Introduction to a Best Man Speech

This is like the attention-getter in an essay. Take the floor with a small introduction that expresses your feelings about having the honor to be there in the capacity of a best man. It is okay to apply humor to your best man speech. The things that evoke emotion will be remembered longer. However, keep in mind that it is a serious moment, and deserves a serious speech. This is where you graciously give thanks for having your part in the life of the groom and his important moment. It is an honor to be standing there. Remember to thank all of the guests for coming together to celebrate.

Background to a Best Man Speech

This is a very important part of your best man speech, and an opportunity for emotional appeal and credibility. Tell your story of how you met the groom. Grab one of the best memories that you can share in a storytelling moment that has moral to it, and that can provide example of the groom’s character. Make sure it is one of his best moments that really conveys his desirable personality traits. Talk about the person he is, and the husband you believe he will be.

Body of the Best Man Speech

The body of the best man speech is where you fade into what the moment is all about. It is another storytelling moment. Tell a story about the groom’s relationship with the bride. Talk about how her strengths compliment his weaknesses and how his will compliment hers. Tell them why you believe they are perfectly matched for each other, and about the moment you first realized it.

Closure to the Best Man Speech

Close your best man speech with a quote. Raise your glass towards the couple, and wish them all the best in the world.

Tips for the Best Man Speech

  • Keep it short

  • Write it down on paper

  • Practice it until you can say it without reading it

  • Stay sober and attached to the moment

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