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All About Wedding Shoes

Looking for those perfect wedding shoes to accent your wedding dress? Just as every wedding gown is unique in cut, style and fabric, so are your wedding shoes. Finding the perfect shoes requires special attention. Your shoes not only complement your dress and theme, they must compliment you.

Wedding Shoes

Many brides overlook the importance of wedding shoes. Selecting the perfect shoes is about more than just color palette. Wedding shoes are the platform or pedestal for the bride. They are essentially the foundation of the bride's entire look. Whether it is a high and slender heel or a flat slipper depends on the length and style of the bridal gown, and the bride's objectives. Some brides are concerned about height, hiding their shoes or showing off elegant footwear. However, there are more reasons to make an informed decision about wedding shoes.

For some brides, walking in high heels can be a challenge in itself. One of the biggest fears a bride has while walking the aisle is tripping with all eyes on the bride. Height can also be a consideration. The bride might have some reservations about standing beside a shorter groom or fear of wobbling down the aisle. Selecting wedding shoes that fit well is not just about where your toe taps at the end. Make sure the shoes have proper balance that compliments yours, and meets all of your objectives.

While trying on wedding shoes, you should definitely walk the floor like a catwalk, but also practice a set of activities that you would accomplish on a regular day, like climbing, bending, stepping in different directions, and even dancing. If you can pull it off without a hitch in practice, then you are sure to do just the same on your wedding day.


If your dress is above the ankle or a mermaid or trumpet style with a slit in the front or to the side, your shoes are sure to be a focal point at your wedding. When it comes to heels, the entire shoe is defined by the heel. The heel can be bulky and wide or slender. It can taper or curve. Heels can be studded or carved, and crafted with different materials and fabrics. Heels certainly add a particular sense of elegance and style to every dress.


Simple does not mean lacking elegance. There are many elegant slippers and lower heeled shoes to match every occasion. It can be about comfort or the overall match of the dress and theme. A peasant style wedding dress perfectly matches a slipper wedding shoe. The elegance and creativity with theme is found in the fabric and accents attached to the shoes.

Wedding Shoe Specialist

To find your perfect wedding shoes, you might consider a wedding shoe specialist. They can assist with matching your shoes with the fabric and the shade of your wedding gown. Your shoes will also be custom-made to fit like Cinderella's slipper.


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