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The Crystal Ballroom

A Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Wedding Theme

If you seek the magic and romance found in a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme, you will fall in love with these ideas to create your rendition of the fairy tale. Imagine the inside of a castle with over sized chandeliers, and large tables draped with linens, decorated with clocks, adorned with candelabras and set with fine china. Be our guest and enjoy these ideas for creating your own version of a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme.

Wedding Theme

Get Inspired

If you are dreaming about this French classic, your theme demands a fairy tale castle with the grandeur and awe of French décor, crystal chandeliers, over-sized candelabras scattered throughout the space at different heights, a dramatic color scheme, and stacks of books. It would be impossible to have a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme without the enchanted rose. Incorporate red roses in the wedding venue, on top of candelabras and in the wedding bouquet. An accent table with the enchanted rose will create the perfect touch.

Wedding Theme

Let the characters of Beauty and the Beast inspire your decor. Add antique clocks throughout the venue or as centerpiece decor to incorporate Cogsworth, the talking clock. Adorn each table with over sized candelabras to perfectly represent the castle’s maître d', Lumière. Create invitations and table cards with a “Be Our Guest” message. Include a tea party for Mrs. Pots and Chip at the reception. Belle’s love for books should be evident throughout the space. Recreate the library with a small stack of books on every table.

Carriage for a Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Almost every fairy tale has a horse and carriage, and Beauty and the Beast has its share of magical carriages. Arrange a grand wedding entrance or exit with a horse-drawn carriage ride to or from your wedding venue. Not only will the whimsical entrance or exit create your unforgettable moments, it provides the perfect opportunity to seize the moment with wedding photography.

Wedding Theme

Wedding Venue for a Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Not just any wedding venue will create the magic of a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme. It must possess the grandeur of an enchanted castle with all of its elegance and magnificence. Envision crystal chandeliers and elegant décor. Crystal Ballroom wedding venues provide the perfect stage to recreate the magic of this fairy tale.

Wedding Theme

Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom wedding venues allow couples to customize every detail of the fairy tale at the in-house design studio. Couples have access to professional designers to personalize designs and theme within the space. Every wedding package includes a meeting with a professional designer to handpick the fine pieces from a treasure trove of décor. You will fall in love with the extravagant chandeliers, elegant furnishings, décor, and fine tables. Crystal Ballroom creates wedding venues differently. Excite your magic and create your rendition of a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme at Crystal Ballroom.


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