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In a world of internet, finding a plethora of wedding vendors is not a challenge. However, not just anyone will do. You would not want to hire a photographer that is just taking up a hobby or a deejay that has never serviced a wedding. When building your team of wedding vendors, consider talent, experience and services. The safest place to find your team of vendors is at the Crystal Ballroom. Most wedding venues have a preferred list of trusted vendors. Create a list, do your research and interview your candidates.


Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You must find the perfect wedding venue, the perfect dress, build a wedding team of vendors, coordinate more than 100 guests and make the dream wedding come true on a budget. This is a lot for a couple to plan for themselves, when they are responsible for participating in every event along the way. With all of this to consider, we must determine whether a wedding planner is worth the cost.


An all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team can help you imagine, design and create the wedding of your dreams. No need to stress about how to set the tables, design the space or the cost of doing so with an all-inclusive wedding venue. All the elegance is included, from the candelabras and manzanita trees to the tall floating candles and floral arrangements. You will sit down with professional designers to coordinate your napkins, linens, sashes, runners, overlays, chargers and all the details to match your theme and design. You are your own wedding planner at the Crystal Ballroom, where all the decor is customized and arranged to match your theme and design.


Congratulations on your engagement! The next steps involve some big questions about wedding planning. Should you hire a wedding planner? Where should you get married? How should you design your wedding venue? How much will it all cost? Here is a little inspiration and some useful tips to wedding planning that should help you create your magical day.


If you are a younger bride and this is your first marriage, tradition says the bride’s parents pay for the engagement party. This is the big event where friends and family will gather to celebrate the engagement of the couple and welcome the husband-to-be to the family. Not everyone has an engagement party as part of planning a wedding, but it is a traditional celebration. While nothing says you need to stick to tradition when planning a wedding, the old rules have it that the parents of the bride also pay for and send out engagement announcements. It is not uncommon in this modern day for the couple planning a wedding to throw their own engagement party, and pay for their own announcements. If you have been married before, lived together with your partner for a while or are a mature couple, you will probably step away from tradition, and pay for your own engagement party and announcements.


Nothing can be more exciting than planning the day you will say “I do” to your true love. There are many reasons a couple chooses not to hire a wedding planner and decides to go it alone. Planning your own wedding should be an exciting experience that is filled with opportunity to make happily ever after memories. It should never become overwhelming or stressful. This simple 10 step guide to being the wedding planner should make planning your wedding a little easier.


This is your wedding day. Everyone will be the first to tell you, but traditions, opinions and budgets can get in the way of how you really want to plan your wedding. Since we believe your magical day should be nothing less than perfect, we are sharing a few secrets to wedding planning for the wedding you really want.


Just in case you never imagined wedding planning could be a stressful process, we are here to explain it can be, and provide some guidance to eliminate the stress. If you have already begun to realize the stress involved, you are not alone. Since the feeling of being overwhelmed is so common, we put together a few tips to eliminate the stress of wedding planning and help you create the wedding of your dreams.


Real talk from real brides reveals what every couple needs when planning a wedding. Every step from picking a date to choosing a venue should be exciting and stress-free. However, couples struggle to figure out a budget and settle on many decisions along the way. Let’s explore some real challenges in the journey and some easy solutions to make wedding planning the beautiful experience it should be.

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It is always our goal to offer our clients the very best experience. That is why we only partner with the finest vendors in the industry that have mastered their craft to deliver the most amazing experiences to our clients at affordable rates.

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