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Wedding Caterers

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In a world of internet, finding a plethora of wedding vendors is not a challenge. However, not just anyone will do. You would not want to hire a photographer that is just taking up a hobby or a deejay that has never serviced a wedding. When building your team of wedding vendors, consider talent, experience and services. The safest place to find your team of vendors is at the Crystal Ballroom. Most wedding venues have a preferred list of trusted vendors. Create a list, do your research and interview your candidates.

Stoocked Buffet

The reception menu is not always a first thought on the wedding checklist. For couples, the first thoughts are sometimes about the dress she will wear or whether they will say their “I do’s” in a garden or in an elegant ballroom. The first thoughts about catering usually come about in a moment of budgeting and planning a reception for the guest count, unless it is a specific meal tied to a central theme of the special day. For example, if you are planning a Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding, you might imagine a very specific French feast enjoyed by Belle and the Beast, which requires careful planning with a specific catering menu.

Garnishing Meals

Your wedding catering will be one of the most defining elements of your wedding celebration. Every food event from the cocktail hour to the dining table must be perfectly planned to match your vision. And your vision will define it all. There is no doubt that the artful display of cuisine at a precise temperature and calculated measure of flavor will make it spectacular, but there is so much more to your catering. 

Meat Appetizers

If you are planning your wedding, you are probably working through a checklist and building your wedding team of vendors. During the process, it is important to realize your wedding team is essential to creating the wedding you envision. We all want to create a well-crafted food experience that makes the magical day an unforgettable wedding celebration. Your dining experience relies upon the choices you make about your wedding caterer.

Fresh Cakes

Wedding catering can consume a significant portion of your budget. While it is risky to base the decision solely upon the price of a plate, you will want to know the average cost of catering to make the best decision. Keep in mind that skimping in this area risks disaster on your wedding day. Having a drop-off service that works with the banquet staff at your wedding venue can deliver a superior dining experience and save on expensive full-service options. However, if you intend on delivering a finer dining experience, you might consider full-service catering with plated meals. Crystal Ballroom vendors offer exclusive rates to Crystal Ballroom clients to make the experience more affordable.

Marble Surface

It is always our goal to offer our clients the very best experience. That is why we only partner with the finest vendors in the industry that have mastered their craft to deliver the most amazing experiences to our clients at affordable rates.

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