Writing Wedding Vows

Where can one ever begin with feelings that are beyond the capacity of Webster’s Dictionary to explain? We are not all a master wordsmith with the sentiment of How Do I Love Thee and the metrical form of Robert Frost etched into our words. Taking the center stage and delivering the speech you must live up to for all eternity requires a little forethought. Not every couple chooses to write their own wedding vows, but for those that desire something more than a “repeat after me,” there are these tips to creating a masterful piece that gushes with emotion, meaning and promise.

Wedding Vows Require an Outline

You have the task of writing wedding vows that are unique in all the ways that your relationship, love and partner are beautifully different. Your unique wedding vows require an outline, much like everything else ever written. We do not always map out an outline in a diagram on paper. It can follow mental notes taken along the way. Your wedding vows should contain an opening, credibility, a promise and closure. We are not brainstorming on paper with connected bubbles. This poetic adventure will flow from your heart.

The Opening for Wedding Vows

Every good piece of literature has a grabbing line to open the floor for what comes next. You will have the advantage of undivided attention, but this first line should evoke emotion, engrave meaning into the memory of it, and steal the heart of all in the room, including the heart of your true love.

“I stand here before everyone to promise my love and my life to you and only you.”

The Credibility of Wedding Vows

Writing wedding vows with sincerity involves a personal story that makes it meaningful. Bedazzle them with words, but make it real. Tell them how you fell into a bottomless pit of limerence all the way to the depths of love, and tell them why. Writing wedding vows with sincerity is not just about creating an emotionally triggered literary piece. This is where you are building your credibility for the promises you are about to make. Give it all the fluff, but make it real or nothing at all. This is where they will gain trust in the promises that are to follow.

A promise without credibility will have less meaning. You might think you have already established credibility with this person and not feel the need to try here. These are your wedding vows. Speak a couple lines that will add feeling with a personal touch, such as a personal story about the moment you knew it was love. Your words should build a foundation of emotion to construct your promises. The promises are always the most important part of it all, and worthy of a proper foundation. At this point, saying anything is better than saying nothing.

“I fell into an abyss of limerence with you, and here I am so deep in the madness of true love that I never want to escape. I am in the reality that love is weathered by time, tested by time, and measured by it, but absolutely and undeniably timeless."

The Promises of Wedding Vows

This is where you will make all the promises to love, honor and cherish them forevermore. This is the most important part of it all, and the reason why everyone gathered together. After spending the time and effort to build up to this peak, do not brush over it lightly. Think about what you are promising this other person. It is not enough to just promise to be their spouse. Think about the promises that you are making as a spouse. Give it meaning.

“I am standing here before the world to profess my undying love for you and to promise to take this journey in life with you as your” (husband or wife) “wherever the roads may lead us, regardless of the terrain we walk or the storm that weathers us along the way. I promise to stand beside you through all of life’s challenges and cherish you, honor you, respect you, care for you and love you in this way forevermore."

The Closure of Your Wedding Vows

This is your happily ever after section that should include a powerful closing line. It can be simple, but must feel like a grand finish. In most cases, the feeling of closure can be established at the end of the promises. Your wedding vows will not always require a separate closing statement. It would be enough to finish with your promises and the “forevermore” part.

"I make these promises and give myself to you.”

Writing Wedding Vows with a Professional Writer

Deciding to get help with writing wedding vows is a completely acceptable practice. For many, a writer is another wedding vendor essential to making the magical day a little more magical. For others, they do not even know this service exists. Getting help from a professional does not mean that the words are not coming from your heart. It is getting assistance with the choice, order and placement of words to translate the language of love spoken by your heart.

Every writer’s style is unique. Get to know the person that will be assisting you with writing your wedding vows. Review samples of their work. At the same time, your writer will be getting to know you through conversations and questionnaires. Writers usually work with couples to include certain phrases, words and ideas to make it personal. If you need help finding a writer, contact your wedding venue. They usually have relationships with trusted vendors.

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