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Wedding Ceremonies by Edna

Wedding Ceremonies by Edna
Wedding Officiant

Avoid the cookie cutter ceremony and say your vows the way you dreamed them up in imagination. Regardless of tradition, religion or orientation, say “I do” your way. Whether you are reciting words from a prayer book, a “repeat after me” or creating vows with deeper meaning, seal your marriage today and forever with an unforgettable ceremony with Wedding Ceremonies by Edna.

Creating the Moment

What we sometimes save for last is actually one of the most important decisions we will make about our wedding day. The words that unite a couple, and the presentation surrounding those words are the most important part of the entire ceremony. Wedding Ceremonies by Edna is a team of officiants with experience and the perfect balance of presence to exist in the presentation of your ceremony, and to be absent when it is all about you and your true love. We steal nothing from your moment while creating it. Your ceremony is defined by love, happiness and commitment. Trust the experience and talents of Wedding Ceremonies by Edna to help you make those magical moments meaningful.

Wedding Officiant

About Our Officiant Services

Wedding Ceremonies by Edna is one of the very few Florida Officiants authorized to obtain marriage licenses by mail on behalf of both Florida residents and out of state couples. We make the process as seamless as possible so you only need to get married! Our officiants are authorized to solemnize weddings throughout Florida, and have been joining couples in the bonds of blissful ever after for more than 25 years. We customize your ceremony based upon theme, style and size. We create your ceremony unique to your spoken language of love, have the ability to customize your ceremony solely in English or Spanish, and the ability to provide a seamless blend to accommodate all family and friends in attendance. We specialize in disparate cultural traditions and same sex marriages.

Wedding Officiant

Officiant Services Include:

  • Marriage licenses by mail on behalf of Florida residents and out of state couples.

  • Complimentary one hour consultation to discuss services and customize your ceremony.

  • Unlimited access to your officiant for questions and answers.

  • Travel time to your venue and up to 2 hours on-site for service, prior to, during and after your ceremony.

  • Vow writing or assistance with the creation of your vows.

  • Bilingual service at no additional cost (English and Spanish).

  • Customized religious, nonreligious, traditional, nontraditional, same sex marriage, and themed wedding ceremonies performed according to your personal requests.

  • Optional ceremony rehearsal attendance at no additional cost.

  • Submission of marriage license to appropriate clerk of county court.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Couples grasp the romance of their union with a vow renewal ceremony. Whether you previously eloped or previously held the wedding of your dreams, a formal vow renewal ceremony is a chance to renew those promises and recreate the magic of your ceremony and relationship. Make your anniversary as magical as the day you said “I do” or create the ceremony you never had with Wedding Ceremonies by Edna at Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary.

Commitment Ceremony

Your ceremony and commitment to marriage is significant and unique. Choose to have it your way. Have the magical wedding you dreamed of, publicly professing your love, bond and commitments without a marriage license. A Commitment ceremony is a growing tradition among couples. Not everyone chooses to marry the same. Your ceremony, promises and relationship are equally significant, regardless of how you choose to say “I do.”

Vow Writing

Write romance into your love story with assistance creating unique vows designed for your unique ceremony. Upon request, this service is included in every ceremony package. Each and every ceremony is different, because of the reasons that bring a couple together. You define your ceremony. We help you write it. Write the powerful words that will speak the romance and voice of love and commitment into one of the most momentous occasions of your entire life. We believe your ceremony is the most important part of the day, because this is what seals the deal. The rest is all a party.

Marriage License by Mail

A marriage license by mail service is perfect for busy couples and destination weddings. Save the hassle of standing in line at a busy courthouse, and leave the paperwork to Wedding Ceremonies by Edna, a designated coordinator with rare permission to obtain your marriage license by mail. The simplified application process begins electronically, and only requires that you print and sign the application before a notary. This step is usually performed during your complimentary one hour pre-wedding consultation with Wedding Ceremonies by Edna. If you are unable to meet in person to sign, simply sign before any notary and we complete the process. This simplified process takes the stress out of the formalities and leaves more time to imagine your dream wedding. Vow renewal and commitment ceremonies do not require a marriage license.

Wedding Officiant

We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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