Same Sex Wedding Ideas

Planning a same sex wedding and searching for unique ideas to make your moment more magical? Themes are limitless and the possibilities are endless when it comes to your wedding day. We are all searching for ways to make our wedding day like the one we saw in the magazine, but so unlike anything ever seen before. Make your wedding day unique in all the special ways it should be with these same sex wedding ideas.

Same Sex Wedding Ideas for Themes

Weddings usually have the influence of a theme that is incorporated with a color scheme and decor. Everything from Harry Potter to Cinderella and a gazillion fairy tales between have set the tone for modern weddings. These same sex wedding ideas are all about the themes. If you want the fairy tale, write the story your way. Whether you are both in ballgown, tux or costume, add elements of your theme with color and accent decor. Fairy tale themes conveniently provide a color palette and themed elements, such as the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast and a glass slipper from Cinderella. The best same sex wedding ideas take inspiration from a classic theme and create something unique.

Same Sex Wedding Ideas for Color

These same sex wedding ideas are all about the color. Some couples want to show their pride and take the opportunity to add a little explosive rainbow to the romantic affair. Incorporating rainbow colored flowers into table centerpieces will definitely show your pride. Colorful table runners and rainbow chair sashes are other ways to add color to the table. Consider releasing rainbow lanterns into the night sky at the end of the ceremony. If you are looking for same sex wedding ideas that give respect to pride without the entire rainbow theme, incorporate the color into smaller accent pieces that are not overpowering. Alternating the color of napkins and chair sashes will add the perfect touch.

Same Sex Wedding Ideas for the Procession

Tradition holds that the bride is escorted down the aisle by her father. These same sex wedding ideas create a unique entrance. Whether two brides or two grooms, walking down the aisle is obviously a little different than tradition. The procession of the brides and grooms can be done in a few different ways. The brides or grooms can journey down the aisle together. They can also choose to have their parents escort them both down the aisle. Some couples choose to walk side by side, while others choose to walk one behind the other with a parent or relative.

Same Sex Wedding Ideas for the Cake

The cake cutting ceremony is one of the most memorable parts of every wedding ceremony. These same sex wedding ideas are the icing on the cake. The wedding cake is not just a connection to the main theme, but an opportunity to express yourself. Consider rainbow cake with rainbow icing. Beyond the expected cake topper with two grooms or two brides, some toppers are custom-created to look just like the couple. Regardless of colors or theme, your wedding cake is an opportunity to express your unique relationship in a fun way.

Same Sex Wedding Ideas for Design and Theme

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