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Memorable Moments Catering

Wedding Catering

Deliver an extraordinary and diverse dining experience to your elegant celebration with Memorable Moments Catering. Excite a sophisticated palate with cuisine crafted by a culinary artist with the discipline and passion to make your happily ever after dreams come true. Indulge in an exquisite culinary experience beyond imagination. Your most momentous occasion is uniquely designed with the artistry, discipline and passion of a formally trained chef to deliver unparalleled catering services to your unforgettable moments.

Wedding Catering

Distinguished Catering

Memorable Moments Catering provides distinguished catering services and culinary excellence. Create your magical moments with the finest in the catering industry. The passion for service and culinary arts delivers unforgettable flavor to every magical moment. Indulge in absolute perfection, created by only the finest and freshest of quality ingredients. Build your unique table of cuisine from a diverse and customizable menu. Memorable Moments Catering is fine dining infused with an explosion of flavor.

Wedding Catering
Wedding Catering

Meet the Chef

Meet the formally trained chef, Sandra Toussaint-Phanor, and discover the refined skills and talent that have been sculpted to culinary perfection. The ability to exceed industry standards developed from a rigorous culinary program and years of dedication to culinary arts. The discipline to master the art, combined with the passion to create the experience, produces unparalleled catering services. Indulge in the variety of a globally diverse menu. Discover the influences that set the dining experience apart from the rest. At the core of Memorable Moments Catering is accountability and passion for making your moments memorable.

Catering Experience

Your catering experience extends beyond the cuisine. Memorable Moments Catering provides full-service catering to meet vision with a uniquely crafted food experience, and delivers customization, sophistication and quality to every moment. Communicate directly with the chef to design your unique table of cuisine. Private consultations help you plan quality-focused services and creates a finer dining experience. Deliver an authentic and unforgettable cuisine to your elegant celebration with Memorable Moments Catering.

Wedding Catering

Consultation and Tasting

Planning your dining experience begins with a catering consultation and tasting. Speak directly with the chef and plan your private tasting. You will choose your sample of entrees, sides, appetizers and the unique services you wish to deliver to your magical moments. Plan your catering experience with a culinary artist and develop a genuine relationship with the chef throughout the planning process. Memorable Moments Catering serves the finest on your most momentous occasions. Let’s make your moments unforgettable.

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