Event Venue Video Tours

Congratulations on the occasion you are planning! Plan your celebration at an event venue with innovative video tours and 100% online booking and consultation services with a live event planner. Whether you are planning a destination wedding, quinceanera, corporate event or birthday celebration, you can plan every detail without ever leaving home.

Taking an Event Venue Video Tour

Crystal Ballroom event venue video tours allows you a complete virtual experience with a video tour of the ceremony space, reception ballroom and VIP suite, and interactive event planning consultation services. Event venue video tours provides you with the opportunity to communicate with designers about your theme and the vision for your magical day, and gather contact information for Crystal Ballroom vendors to help meet all of your planning needs. Video tours of the event venue can be individual or as a group with your partner, close friends or family. You will view mock table settings and samples of décor, gain inspiration and begin the planning process from the palm of your hands.

Book the Event Venue Online

During your interactive video tour and consultation, you will be able to book your date online without ever leaving home. Discuss the timeline for your magical moment, and book your date during your video tour. Event venue video tours makes planning your special day a simple process. Whether you are out of town or abroad, put all the power of planning your own wedding or event in the palm of your hands with an online interactive planning experience at a Crystal Ballroom event venue.

Connect with Vendors at the Event Venue

Beyond the interactive video tours at Crystal Ballroom event venues, you will receive information to connect with vendors to help you plan and coordinate all the elements for the event of your dreams. The collaboration between the all-inclusive Crystal Ballroom and vendors makes planning effortless. Crystal Ballroom facilitates the connection with trusted wedding dress designers, tailors, cake bakers and decorators, caterers, photographers, deejays, day of event coordinators, officiants, florists, and hair and makeup artists. Crystal Ballroom makes planning events and making connections an easy online process.

Remote Planning at the Event Venue

When you are planning your special day remotely, putting the details together can be a challenge. Sometimes our busy schedules, children, work and other responsibilities can get in the way of planning. Crystal Ballroom makes remote planning possible. Participate in a VIP video tour of a Crystal Ballroom event venue online from your cellphone or computer. You can sit with your significant other, family or friends in the privacy of your own home and plan your special celebration.

Contact a Crystal Ballroom event venue to book your complimentary online video tour and begin planning your magical day.

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