Getting all of your closest friends and family to your big day is something that requires organization, detail, and planning. The best way to ensure that they’re prepared to make it to your wedding day is by sending out invitations in advance. Now that you’ve settled on a date, a location and you’re ready to share the details with your nearest and dearest, here are a few of the things that you should be sure to include in your wedding invitations.


Informative Invitation

The most important thing that you send to your guests is going to be the invitation. Your invitations should have all of the information that your guests need to be prepared for your big day. That means the date of your wedding, the time that the ceremony begins and the time that the reception starts, the location of the venue, the type of attire that they should be wearing, and the like. This type of information allows for all your guests to make the proper accommodations for your big day and get all of the details that they need to be there for you.

Tip: One of the best things that you can do to make sure everyone arrives at the right place is to also put a small map with directions for your guests.


Accommodation Card

If you’re going to have guests coming from different parts of the state, different states or from different countries, then it’s suggested that you look into some accommodations for your guests to ensure their stay goes smoothly. This can include the closest airport, a hotel that you have rooms blocked off for guests, local restaurants and bars, and any areas that you suggest they stop and visit while in the area.


Response Card

In order to know that your guests are in fact coming to your wedding, you need to have a response card that they fill out. This is a great way to gather the names of any plus ones that you may not know, addresses for future thank you cards, and most importantly, get an idea of how many people you need to account for. Aside from providing your guests with the information they need to attend your wedding, the invitation is an excellent opportunity to help you prepare for the number of people that will be attending.

Tip: If you are sending out response cards, it’s also custom that you include a response card envelope and postage to ensure that your guests have nothing to worry about on their end.


Wrap it Up Nicely

Once you’ve got all of the information that you need for your guests to have, wrap it up nicely. This can be done with a small ribbon or a more formal band designed to fit your invitation pieces perfectly. Make sure that you’ve got an envelope big enough to fit it all into and then you’re set to address and mail them!

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