One of the first questions that you’ll be asked after announcing your engagement is “when is the wedding?” Though it can seem overwhelming to pick the specific day that you’ll marry your significant other (or shall we say fiance’), it’s something that will inevitably have to be done — and kind of soon! This date is going to be a significant factor in the rest of the planning that you complete, including but not limited to:

  • Availability of the venue.
  • When to start wedding dress shopping.
  • Sending out your save the dates.
  • Picking your wedding party.
  • Booking your honeymoon.
  • So much more!

That being said, if you are recently engaged, it’s time to pick out your wedding date. Here are a few of the things that you should consider.


Season of the Year

The time of the year that you choose to get married will have a major effect on a lot of the planning. The primary way that it’s going to vary is directly associated with the venue that wind up choosing. Do you want to have an outdoor wedding or a ceremony on the beach? Then choosing one of the colder months probably isn’t the best choice. If you have some sort of idea as to which season you’d like to get married in, it’s great to start there — however it won’t end there! The season will also play a part in our next point.


Your Budget

As silly as it may sound, some months and days are going to vary in prices. For example, having a summer wedding in certain areas will cost you more than having a winter wedding. The cost is also going to vary on whether you choose a day that during the work week or on the weekend. If you’re sticking to a pretty strict budget, then the date should be something that you look into so that you can then figure out where the rest of your wedding planning sits in regards to the budget.


Wedding Schedule

One of the things that often goes overlooked when choosing a wedding date is what the schedule of the wedding is going to look like. Are you wanting to have a morning wedding? Then a weekend might be a better option so that more people are able to attend without having to worry about work, school or childcare. On the other hand, if you’re someone that wants to dance the night away, then you might be better off with a Friday or Saturday night, that allow for some time for recuperation after and provide time for the family to fly out if needed.

Regardless of which day you choose, Crystal Ballroom is the perfect place to have both indoor and outdoor weddings. Our event hall is open on weekdays and weekends, so we can always work with your dates. If you’re interested in more information regarding our venue in Casselberry, the packages, and pricing, or you’d like to book your event, contact us today!