As you prepare for your wedding, there are countless tasks to complete. From choosing the right wedding venue to picking out a cake, you have your hands full as you plan the big event. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we can help cut down on your to-do list. We provide a stunning wedding venue in Tampa that is perfect for hosting your big day. As you are choosing your wedding venue, you will want to consider your guest list to ensure you choose a space that fits your needs. If you are in the throes of picking your guests, check out these tips for creating the perfect guest list.

Start By Deciding On A Wedding Big Or Small

Before you start creating your guest list, you need to decide on how big of a wedding you want to have. If you are hoping to keep things simple and small, your guest list will need to reflect this. If you plan to throw a massive party, you can expand on the number of people you invite. Make sure you set out with a clear idea of how big of a wedding you hope to have to ensure you don’t invite more people than you are prepared to host. This will play a huge role in the process of choosing the right wedding venue and reception location.

Create A List Of Musts

While you might be limiting your guest list to keep your wedding small, there are some people you will probably want to include no matter what size your wedding winds up being. Start your wedding list with a small number of musts. These are people that you cannot fathom your wedding being without. Perhaps it is a few family members or a couple close friends. You and your future spouse should sit down and make this short-list of VIP guests. This base list is what you can always come back to as you determine who else makes the cut.

Consider Family Ties

Sometimes it can be a struggle to know how to keep your guest list at an appropriate size. After all, no one wants to offend a friend or family member on their wedding day. However, it is also impossible to invite every single person you know to your wedding unless you are throwing a massive event. Start by considering both you and your spouse-to-be’s close family ties. It is usually family that will be most upset by a missing invitation, so spend time going over your family lists to ensure you aren’t forgetting anyone important.

Choose Your Happiness

While you most likely don’t wish to upset anyone during the invitation process, the reality is that sometimes you will have to choose your own happiness on your wedding day over sparing every single person’s feelings. Remember, this is your big day. If there is a family member or friend who would ruin the day for you, don’t feel obligated to invite them and risk your own happiness. Make sure that the people who are coming to your wedding will be there to support you and celebrate your important day.


Are you ready to book your wedding venue in Tampa? We can help! We will work with you to match the right sized space to your wedding guest list.