It goes without saying that one of the most critical parts of your big day is the wedding dress. For most ladies, it’s a piece of the wedding that they’ve been dreaming of for a lifetime and spent months searching for, so you should feel confident in the way that you’re getting it to your venue. If your wedding is coming up and you’re concerned about the transportation of the dress, take a deep breath and read today’s blog post to get a few tips on how to make this an easy trip.


Always Use a Garment Bag

One of the most helpful pieces of your transporting your wedding dress will be the garment bag that it comes in. Just about every single wedding dress company should provide you with one, but make sure to ask before assuming that they will. If they won’t be providing you with one, make sure to order a high-quality transport bag before you go and pick up your dress.

Your garment bag is going to help make it easy to keep your dress together as you go from one place to the next, but it will also keep the material protected and from any potential spills or markings. You absolutely will not regret using this to transport your dress.


Fold the Dress Correctly

Another small and simple thing that you can do to transport your dress to the venue is carrying it correctly. Something as little as this can keep your dress from getting wrinkly or caught in the door as you’re walking in. The standard way to carry a wedding dress is to fold the left side of the gown to the right, and then fold them into each other in the center. From there, go to the longest part of the train and roll it upward until the entire dress is able to fit into the bag.

Now that the dress is in the bag make sure that you use a finger to guide the zipper up to the top of the garment bag. This will ensure that it doesn’t snag on the dress as you close the garment bag up.


Consider the Transportation Method

The way that you get the dress to your venue is going to take some planning, and it’s going to be something that you should account for. If your dress needs to be transported from a different state by plane, then one thing you can try to do is purchase your dress it’s very own plane ticket. That way it can be spread out and avoid being crammed into a suitcase or overhead compartment.

If you’re going to be traveling by car, then do your best to plan ahead and create a space in the vehicle where the dress can be laid out for the rest of the drive. If you hang it from one of the handles in the back of the car, you can stretch the body of the dress out in the backseat and keep it in good condition throughout the transportation process.

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