Here at the Crystal Ballroom, our party venue in Ft. Lauderdale has been host to an array of big events. From weddings to birthday parties to company celebrations, we have seen it all when it comes to events. As you plan for your upcoming party, you will want to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch. To make sure this happens, check out these tips for preventing party disasters.

Double Check The Guest List

One major party disaster is realizing that you forgot to invite important guests. Long before the big day arrives, double check your guest list and make sure you haven’t left anyone out. There is no easier way to hurt feelings or cause bad blood than to accidentally leave someone off the guest list who should have been invited. It never hurts to look over your guest list a few times and if someone has been forgotten, remedy the situation with an invite. A simple apology and a late invitation is far better than completely forgetting someone until the day of the party.

Hire Expert Teams

While your cousin might be great at baking cakes or your husband’s mom swears she can handle serving food for the whole crowd, it is far better to hire professionals when it comes to a big event. A large party is much different than a simple family gathering, which is why hiring expert teams to handle the food, decorations, and other major aspects of the day will go a long way in preventing a party fail. Nothing is worse than realizing you don’t have enough food for everyone or that the cake you were promised never came to fruition the day of the party. By hiring experienced teams, you can ensure everything goes off without a hitch and that no one is left hungry.

Plan For Extras

Just because your guest list was capped at exactly 50 people doesn’t mean that is the number that will show up. Make sure you have a backup plan for extra guests that tag along with others. If you are renting a venue, talk to them about what happens if additional guests arrive beyond the number included in the package you purchased. Planning this out ahead will make it less stressful when a surprise guest arrives the day of the event.

Honor The Special Guest

It is easy to get carried away in the throes of party planning, to the point you forget about the purpose of the whole event. Whether it is a birthday party or a retirement celebration, make sure you remember to honor your special guest. Keep the focus of the day on the person you are celebrating and think about what will make them most happy at the event.


Are you planning a big event? We can help! At the Crystal Ballroom, we offer an outstanding party venue in Ft. Lauderdale that is perfect for everything from birthdays to weddings. Talk to us today about the packages we offer and allow us to help you prevent any party day disasters.