Choosing to host an event is certainly exciting, but when you have to organize and plan all of the moving pieces, it can certainly become overwhelming. Regardless of what your event is, there are a few different things that you should be taking into consideration to make sure that you have all of your bases covered.


The Purpose

Though you likely already know why you’re going to be hosting the event, you should be able to clearly answer what the point of the celebration or event is going to be. Determine whether it’s a birthday party, a celebration of love, an announcement that you’ve been waiting to happen, or whatever it may be, long before you send out the invitations or continue with the planning.

Without a clear vision of purpose for your event, you’re going to have a tough time planning your party. So start here and make sure that you’ve got this answered before you move forward.



Once you’ve determined what the purpose of your event is, we suggest diving into who you are planning on inviting to your event. Though there are a lot of people that might make for a good guest to your event, should they actually be there? One of the events where guests and quality of event get overlooked are corporate parties.

If you’re going to be making an announcement regarding a company or a person within the company, does every single employee need to be there? Or are there certain individuals that you would rather pamper for the night? Though it may seem like a good idea to invite as many people as possible, you’ll quickly see how guests lists that go on for days can make for an expensive, and messy event.


A Theme

Event planning with a theme is going to make for a much easier event to plan because you have at least some direction on what you’re trying to achieve. Your theme is going to help you choose decorations, music, food, attire, and so much more! Now, figuring out which theme to select is something that you’re going to have to determine, but once you’ve found one that you’re over the moon with — stick to it and make it work!



The location that you host your event is going to be the last thing that we touch on today, but it’s also one of the items that can make an event incredible, or make it one of the worst that people have gone to. For that reason, we suggest visiting plenty of venues and finding one that not only takes care of all of your needs and fits into your budget, but that offers incredible customer service through and through. With that, you can guarantee that your experience is fantastic.

Whatever the event may be, Crystal Ballroom is excited to play a part. We have years of experience with a wide selection of events and are eager to provide you with all of the assistance and guidance that you need. Make sure to browse our prices and packages that we offer and contact our team with any questions that you have. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!