Planning your wedding reception can be just as exciting as planning the actual ceremony. After all, what is more fun than the party that follows your official marriage? As your local wedding venue in Tampa, The Crystal Ballroom offers the ideal reception venue with everything you need to make the day a complete success.

As you plan your wedding reception at our venue, make sure you keep these mistakes in mind so you can avoid any hiccups on the big day.

Making The Event Too Complicated

When it comes to your wedding day, there will be a million and one details you need to take care of to ensure the event goes smoothly. Don’t make your wedding reception more complicated than it needs to be. By keeping your reception simple but fun, you can avoid extra stress and work. Think about the bigger picture and work out from there. For example, do you want dancing, drinks, and cake? If so, make those things the priority and don’t try to include a slew of other things. You can ditch a fancy dinner or ornate band and stick to a beautiful array of desserts and a DJ. Cut out the extra work and keep it simple.

Not Planning For Enough People

Make sure that you are planning your event for the right number of people. Nothing will ruin your reception faster than having a shortage of seating, food, and room for everyone you invited. Double check your guest list as you prepare for the reception and plan accordingly. It is better to have a little extra room and a little too much cake than to not have enough.

Getting Hung Up On Minor Details

When it comes down to the final days leading up to your wedding, it can be easy to get stuck on minor details, trying to ensure everything is exactly the way you want it. While your wedding day is your day and you should get what you want, make sure you don’t get hung up on minor details that won’t impact the reception much, if at all. For example, if the centerpieces you ordered for the tables are one inch taller than you were expecting, don’t let this detail derail your plans. Roll with the punches and stick to focusing on the bigger picture.

Choosing The Wrong Venue

The space you hold your wedding reception in will play one of the biggest roles in how successful the event goes. Make sure that when you are choosing a wedding reception venue that you pick something appropriate to the size of your group and what you want from the event. For example, if you want to include dancing at your reception, make sure your venue has the space and setup you need to make this plausible.


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