While your wedding day is ultimately a day about you and your spouse-to-be, it is also a day you want your guests to enjoy and remember fondly. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we provide a stunning wedding venue in Tampa that is the perfect place for hosting a memorable event. If you are preparing for your big day, make sure you spend some time considering how you can keep your guests happy. From the youngest guests to the oldest, these tips will guide you to ensuring everyone enjoys the wedding day.

Make Sure Seating Is Easy To Access

Odds are good that your guest list will include an array of people of all ages. If you have elderly guests, ensuring they have easy access to seating will be important. Think about how someone with a walker will get to their seat and make sure aisles and other walkways are easy to navigate. Older guests might not be able to spend as much time on their feet as well, so if you plan to entertain guests in a foyer before the ceremony, be sure there is a comfortable place to sit for those who might need it.

Offer An Area For Kids To Play

Do you plan to invite children to your wedding? If so, think about offering an area that can be used by parents who have antsy kids during the ceremony. A simple space that allows a parent to take a crying kid out of the way can help keep everyone less stressed. You can even provide a few toys or activities for kids to enjoy during the ceremony or afterward to ensure there are no tantrums being thrown while you walk down the aisle.

Ensure You Provide Food For Everyone

If you plan on feeding your guests, make sure you think about a menu that can please a wide array of tastes and dietary needs. Your guest list might include vegetarians, those who need to avoid gluten, and some who love it all. While you can’t ensure that you please every single taste bud, you can do your best to add menu items to the list that are a good fit for almost anyone.

Think About The Reception Seating

If you are planning on assigning seating for your guests, make sure you take the time to consider who you are placing where. Try to avoid seating people together who might feel uncomfortable. Consider guests who might be coming and don’t know many other people at the event. Try to place them with family or friends that you know will be accommodating.

If you opt for unassigned seating, make sure you have ample room for everyone and that your guests will be able to mingle comfortably.

Spend Some Time With Guests

Your wedding day will be a busy blur, which can make it difficult for you to find time to greet most of your guests. However, remember that everyone came to see you and celebrate your important day. Try to take a little time to greet each guest and to make them feel comfortable. Some of your guests might be traveling a long way to see you and a simple moment of your time can make them feel extra special on your big day.


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