Crystal Ballroom sweet sixteen theme ideas

There’s no birthday as sweet as the sweet sixteen! This is the birthday that has gone down as being the biggest party of a teenagers life. Crystal Ballroom is the best place to host your child’s sweet sixteen party for a wide range of reasons, but before we talk about that, let’s talk about a few of the ideas that make for a great themed party!

Sweet Sixteen at the Ball

This is a special night for any young lady, so treating her like a princess is one great way to ring in her 16th year of life. This is also an excellent excuse for getting dressed up, dolled up, and having a night of countless memories. This theme is great for going all out with the decorations and finding a caterer that will wow the guests. You can also find a large selection of music with this theme. Top the night off with a choreographed dance by your daughter to really make this a party to remember.


Beach Themed Sweet Sixteen

Florida is known for its warm weather and sandy beaches, so why not incorporate it into the celebration of your child? This is one of the best themes because it’s incredibly easy to decorate for, casual when it comes to dress, and keeps the energy of the party lighthearted and fun. Throw up some light colored decorations and some smooth music to really set the scene, and find a caterer that can prepare savory snacks to match with the theme. You’ll see that even the smallest of details are easy to plan with this birthday theme.


Glow in the Dark Dance Party

If your child isn’t scared of the dark, then maybe it’s time to consider a glow in the dark party. Again, this theme makes it really easy to find decor that looks great and is so much fun! Incorporate detailed decorations that have glow in the dark designs and greet each guest with some fun pieces that they can add onto their attire. Glow sticks are pretty affordable and make for a fun party favor. If you’re looking for the right type of attire to ask guests to wear, stick to neon colors that will stick out in the blacklight.


Figure Out What They Like

If you’re not entirely sure what your child would want as a Sweet 16 birthday theme, start by asking them a few of the things that they love or that they’re passionate about. It may seem a little bit difficult to find a fun theme at first, but get your creative juices flowing, and we have no doubt that you’ll be able to come up with a theme that makes this a memorable birthday for them and their friends, and that we can help you perfect!

Regardless of the theme that you choose for your child’s Sweet 16, Crystal Ballroom is the event venue to book it at. We can help you with both indoor and outdoor parties so that you can perfectly set the scene for any and all themes. Contact us today, and we can help you book the date for their party. Browse our pricing and packages available for the Casselberry location and let us know if you need any help or have any questions! We look forward to having you.