Whether you are throwing a sweet sixteen birthday party for your daughter or you are planning a big anniversary party for your parents, a key to successful planning will be staying organized. Here at our event venue in Clearwater, we have seen every party imaginable take place in our banquet hall. From elegant weddings to fun birthday parties, the best parties we have watched unfold were ones where the person in charge stayed organized and ensured every detail was handled prior to the day of the big event.

As you plan your next big event, keep these must-know tips in mind for staying organized and reach out anytime to learn more about the Crystal Ballroom.

#1: Invest In A Dedicated Event Notebook

Before you ever begin the planning stages of any big event, invest in a notebook or planner that will be dedicated to the event. Use this binder to hold all your notes about every detail of the party. This will ensure you don’t lose important information as you go about the planning process. For example, if you keep jotting down notes on random slips of paper, you might find that you lose the number of the person you needed to call about catering the event.

Organize your notebook into sections. Have a space for phone numbers and important contact information. Create a location for your to-do list and a spot for errands you need to run. By keeping your notes organized, you will spend less time searching for information and more time getting things done.

#2: Enlist The Help Of A Trusted Sidekick

Every superhero has a sidekick and while you might not be saving the world, throwing a big event requires superhero-like powers. Make sure you have someone who can help you with the event and can be your trusted go-to for helping make decisions the day of the party. Two heads are better than one and, in the case of party planning, a second set of hands will keep things running smoother.

#3: Create A Timeline

An important key to staying organized as you plan an event is to stick to a timeline. Sit down and determine what tasks need to be accomplished by what points in time. For example, if you are ordering a custom banner for the event and the place you are ordering from takes 10 business days to complete an order, make sure you put this task early in your timeline to ensure it is ready by the day of the event. By organizing a timeline, you can ensure everything is accomplished at exactly the point it needs to be.

#4: Keep Things Simple With An Event Venue

One way to cut down on the mayhem of party planning is to choose an event venue that also offers other services, such as design and catering. By keeping all of these tasks under one roof, you can save yourself the hassle of ensuring these details come together on the day of the event.

If you want to keep your party planning more organized, talk to us about booking our event venue in Clearwater. At the Crystal Ballroom, we can help you with design plans, catering, and more. Talk to us today about our variety of event packages available.