Whether you are celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents or their 20th, you want the event to be a memorable time for everyone involved. Throwing a wedding anniversary party can feel like a lot of pressure. Here at our event venue in Clearwater, we love helping people celebrate these important milestones and we work hard to ensure that pulling off the event is as least stressful as possible.

If you are getting ready to plan an anniversary party for your parents, check out these tips that will help you make it a night to remember.

Gather Up Memories

One of the best ways to celebrate your parents’ wedding anniversary is to gather up as many memories for the night as possible. Find old photos of their wedding day and any anniversary celebrations leading up to the present day. Search for other memorable items, such as your mom’s wedding dress or your dad’s bow tie and incorporate them into the decorations as showcase pieces.

The more representations of important memories you can collect the better. These items will serve as great conversation pieces and a wonderful celebration of your parents. You can even put together a slideshow of photos to play during the event as an added touch.

Invite Special Guests

As you create your guest list for the party, try to think of some special guests that might make a great surprise for your parents. Perhaps they have an old friend who was at their wedding that they haven’t seen in years. You could fly out their friend as a surprise, making the celebration extra memorable for them.

Take Time To Write A Speech

While you might be good at thinking up toasts on the spot, it is worth taking the time to compose a quick little speech for this special occasion. Think about a beautiful tribute to the years your parents have spent together and practice delivering this toast before the big day. Even if you adapt it a little last minute, having something to jump off of will keep you from getting stage fright jitters. This toast will be a lasting memory for your parents to cherish and might inspire other guests to follow suit.

Hand Over The Work To The Pros


When it comes to the details of the event, letting a professional team help you with the bulk of the work will save you a big headache and will help ensure the event is memorable in a good way. Prevent party mishaps by choosing an event venue where the design and catering can be handled in-house. This will allow you to focus on the personal aspects of the night, rather than the nitty-gritty details of running the event.

Are you looking for an event venue in Clearwater for an anniversary party? Our banquet hall is the perfect place to hold this memorable evening. We offer an array of party packages that will meet the needs of any event, large or small. Reach out today to learn more about throwing an anniversary party at the Crystal Ballroom.