When it comes to picking out the perfect banquet hall in St. Augustine, you want to be sure that you are well-equipped to make the final choice. If you are on the hunt for an event hall for an upcoming party or another occasion, we can help. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we help our clients host an array of events. From weddings to business parties to birthday celebrations, our space is the perfect fit.

While you shop around for the perfect event venue for your needs, check out these tips on how to choose and book the right event space for your needs.

Learn More About The Services They Offer

The first place to begin is to ensure that the company you are considering offers all the services you need. Do you need to have food catered? Check to see if the event hall offers any sort of catering services. Will you want a photographer at the event? Many event venues offer photographers as part of their party packages.

Take the time to ask about everything you will receive outside of just the actual space. This will help you determine what package is the best deal for you and the right fit for your needs.

Make Sure There Is Ample Space

Nothing will ruin an event faster than people feeling like they are crammed into a room like a bunch of sardines. Make sure the banquet hall you choose is big enough for your event. As you tour the facility and look at different room options, discuss the number of guests you will have with the coordinator of the facility. Ask them about past events of your size and make sure there will be enough space for everyone to comfortably mingle. If you plan to host any activities, such as dancing or an awards ceremony, ensure there will be enough space for that to take place without disrupting the comfort of your guests.

Think About The Location

Make sure that when you choose an event venue it is located conveniently for your guests. For example, if you are hosting a company party and your business is located here in St. Augustine, you will want to pick a venue that is nearby and convenient for people. Opting for a local and easily accessible event hall will go a long way in ensuring guests don’t have to go out of their way to attend to the event. Less time spent fighting traffic means more time to enjoy the party.

Book Ahead

Once you find the location you love that offers the services you need, make sure you book it far in advance. Most event venues book out months ahead and procrastinating this final step can wind up leaving you high and dry. As soon as you figure out which party package is right for you, get the place booked and turn your attention to the actual event planning.

Looking For A Banquet Hall?

If you are about to host an event in St. Augustine and you need the perfect space, we can help. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we provide not only an incredible event venue but also a host of other helpful services. From catering to photography to expert design, we can help you pull of your next big event successfully. Talk to us today about booking our banquet hall.