Whether you are hosting a birthday party or a retirement celebration, you want the event you are holding to be a memorable occasion that is talked about with fondness for years to come. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we specialize in helping people utilize our venue for hosting events of all types and sizes. From elaborate weddings to sweet sixteen birthday parties, we are equipped to help you pull off an event to remember. Book our banquet hall in St. Augustine to get started and check out these four tips for making any event an affair to remember.

#1: Plan A Big Surprise

Who doesn’t remember that time they were given a wonderful surprise at their party? Incorporating a big surprise into the event will go a long way toward creating a day to remember. Whether you bring in a surprise gift or the entire party is a surprise, adding an element of mystery into the event will be sure to leave a lasting impression upon guests.

One great unexpected treat that is fun to pull off is flying in a surprise guest to the event. Perhaps you can contact an old friend or fly in a relative from far away. Seeing someone at a party that no one knew was coming can be a wonderful way to create lasting memories.

#2: Hire A Photographer

What better way to create memories than with photos of the event? If you want everyone to remember the great time they had, hire a professional photographer to snap candid shots of the day. These photos make a perfect gift for party-goers and will help everyone keep the day in their mind for years to come.

Not only do photographs make a great gift for guests, but they will also give everyone something to look back on later. When they want to remember what crazy Uncle Al wore to grandpa’s birthday party, they can pull out their photo album of the day and reminisce about the great time had by all.

#3: Invest In Good Food And Drinks

Tasty food and good drinks will go a long way in creating a good memory of any event. Haven’t we all talked about the exceptional meal we once had or the delectable drink we tasted at a party? Make sure your party is the talk of the town by investing in quality food and drinks.

#4: Add In Group Activities

When activities take place, memories are made. Plan some fun activities for everyone to help create a lasting impression of the event. Group activities and games bring out the inner child in everyone, and soon people’s antics will become a great story to tell later. A simple game that engages the whole crowd or a fun time of dancing can help your event be one to remember.

Are you looking to host a memorable party or event? Book our banquet hall in St. Augustine and we will help you pull off the whole event. From planning food to picking out a design for the decorations, we have you covered. Talk to us today about hosting your next event at the Crystal Ballroom.