It’s time to celebrate a quinceañera! These transitional moments are important for every young girl and can be one of the most memorable times of your teenage years. When it comes to planning the celebration, you can help your party stand out from the rest by remembering a few small details that make it more stylish and elegant.

From renting out the right banquet hall in Altamonte Springs to decorating with the right accent colors, these details can help you plan a quinceañera you and your guests will love.

A Beautiful Cake

It’s no secret the cake is one of the best parts of the celebration. Not only is it a tasty treat to wrap up the celebration, but it’s another place to add your sense of style to the party. Sheet cakes are an affordable way to serve dessert, but a tiered and decorated cake is both delicious and beautiful. Add flowers and other garnishes, in addition to creative frosting designs.

This cake has frosting that is more natural and basic, but the display and floral additions add style to the cake table.

Accent Colors In The Little Places

Your dress is often the statement piece of the night, and we bet it’s beautiful! Let your dress be the center of attention, but then use that same color throughout some of the decorations to tie the celebration together seamlessly.

  • Invitations
  • Cake accents
  • Table numbers
  • Table centerpieces
  • Scattered decorations (balloons, flowers, etc.)
  • Candles
  • Accents on the crown

To really make the decorations stylish, it’s best to also choose another color or two to complement your dress. These colors are often more subtle and can be used to help decorate the rest of the banquet hall. Keep things connected by decorating within this color scheme entirely, and use your dress color as the accent piece for the pop of color, style, and creativity to point out you care about the little details.

A Choreographed Waltz

Practice, practice, practice. For the waltz to be an elegant moment of the celebration, it takes a lot of rehearsal time with your court. A nicely choreographed dance shows style, poise, and grace. It’s your time to shine and show your family that you are there to make them proud.

A Spacious Venue

If it’s in your budget, renting out a spacious banquet hall for the reception can be stylish in itself. These spaces often have event packages that include tables, chairs, place settings, lighting, and other ambiance elements that bring the entire vibe together. Crystal Ballroom, a banquet hall in Altamonte Springs, even offers a skilled team to design and decorate your party for you. This is sure to leave guests impressed with the professional style and effort put into your celebration.

Now you have the ideas to take your party to the next level of sheer beauty and elegance. If you’re interested in renting our Crystal Ballroom banquet hall for your quinceañera celebration, fill out the form to the right. We offer FaceTime and Skype tours if you’re searching for a venue from afar.