As you begin to plan your big event, one of the first things that you’ll need to take into consideration are the decorations that you’re going to use throughout. If you’re not entirely sure where to start when choosing the decorations for this big day, then you should keep reading because we have some of the most critical pieces to look into before you get started.


Table Decor

If you’re going to be hosting a reception, then you know that there are going to be table decorations that you need to incorporate. One of the first things that you should be worried about are the pieces that make up the table and leave it as an eye-catching piece of the event. Start with basic pieces like the tablecloths and the napkins. Make sure that the material and the texture are something that plays a part in your overall feel and that they mesh well.

From there, you can go ahead and add any types of decorations that are going to complete the look of the tables. If you have a seating chart, then you’re going to want to find a cool way to incorporate table numbers into the decor so that they can be easily found when needed.

Aside from napkins and tablecloths, you may want to determine if you’re going to leave dishes and cutlery on the table or if this is something that your guests will pick up when they go to dish up their plates. Depending on how you envision this happening, you may also want to look into the types of dishes and silverware that you have and figure out if you’d like for there to be any design incorporated on them.


Touches of Theme

Every great theme is supported by small touches of decoration that really complete the look and feel. These little touches may seem like they’d go overlooked, but when your guests attend the event, they are pieces that they’re going to remember and talk about. If you are going to be incorporating a particular theme for your reception, then it’s crucial that you acknowledge what types of decor you’re going to need to really make the space fall into the theme.

This can be anything from balloons and streamers to lights and statues. If you’re going to have a rustic reception, then adding mason jars and small strings of lights throughout the room can significantly change and contribute to the experience that your guests have. On the other hand, if you’re going for a Hollywood type of feel, then placing a red carpet at the entrance and having servers with glasses of champagne is going to allow for all of your guests to feel like the guest of honor.

Whatever your event may be, the decor is going to be a major piece of how well the event goes. If you’re ready to book your event, then it’s time that you browse the package and prices that we offer for our reception hall in Metro West. We have no idea that your event will be everything that you want and more! Contact us today to book the space.